I wonder what Andrew Dice Clay thought about last night's MTV Movie Awards. Do you think Peter Facinelli will be similarly banned for life for going crazy with the F-word? Yeah, right. He is a member of the Twilight clan, after all, which means he's got immunity regarding anything he does for MTV. But did he go too far? How about Mark Wahlberg? Or host Aziz Ansari? Considering the show was already filled with intentional cursing (including and beginning with Tom Cruise's foul-mouthed producer character, Les Grossman), all of which was meant to be censored for TV viewers, and since some of them were barely audible over all the screaming, does it really matter that a lot of words slipped through un-bleeped?

Overall, the show was rather blue for an event aimed at young viewers who love such family friendly film series as Twilight and Harry Potter. Both at home and in the Gibson Amphitheatre, the audience was clearly made up of teens and preteens. And yet Christina Aguilera's glowing-heart crotch close-up and Sandra Bullock and Scarlett Johansson's "lesbian" kiss were two of the more appropriate moments. Even some of the technically permissible stuff, such as Ansari's joke about Jacob's testicles being in Edward's face while the latter was proposing to Bella in New Moon, were questionable. Cutting to 11-year old Jaden Smith cracking up in the audience immediately afterward only reminded us of how many kids were hearing this racy material.

I was mostly bothered by the swearing, intentional and ad-libbed, only because all the bleeping and muting made for an obnoxious aural experience. What is the point of even trying to do curse-filled jokes if the censoring is going to keep the home viewers from hearing enough to get them? I have no clue what the foursome from Scott Pilgrim vs. the World was saying during their presentation of the Best WTF? Moment award. Something about wanting to have sex with the nominees, I understand, but the details were completely lost to those of us not at the Gibson. And though I appreciate Ansari's angry tirade against BP (at the end of an Avatar bit), I imagine many viewers missed what or whom exactly he was cursing (he Tweeted the message more clearly for those of us who follow him).

Hey, at least there were some moments of constraint, such as when Facinelli didn't use a curse word in thanking Stephanie Meyer, because she's a Mormon. But how about the rest of the basic-cable crowd who might have also preferred a more decent program? Sure, only those of us on the East Coast likely heard the actual slipped-through swear words, but the rest of the country must have been frustrated with all the foul language, even if censored. If you did miss the original audio, you can check it out below, via Vulture. And then let us know if you were disappointed with the R-rated content in last night's telecast.

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