FilmNation Entertainment and A Bigger Boat are starting to fill their House at the End of the Street with some hot young talent. As reported by THR, Jennifer Lawrence and Max Thieriot have signed on to star in the horror thriller "looking to be to Psycho what Disturbia was to Rear Window."

Director Mark Tonderai will be working with a script from David Loucka based on a story by Jonathan Mostow who is also producing alongside Tim Williams, Hal Lieberman, A Bigger Boat's Peter Block and FilmNation's Aaron Ryder. The film will star Lawrence as a young girl who moves to a new town with her mother. Upon arriving, she discovers her abode is right across the street from one in which a double murder occurred. Even eerier, she winds up befriending the bloodbath's only survivor played by Thieriot.

It's easy to label House at the End of the Street as more of the same – some lame horror movie packed with pretty faces and gruesome deaths – but this one seems as though it may have something new to offer, or at least a new spin on an old concept. The connection to Psycho suggests that Thieriot's character could be the film's Norman Bates. The next question would be, is Thieriot the right kid for the job?

He's really only been seen in adolescent roles like in Catch That Kid, The Pacifier and even Jumper where he merely played the child version of Hayden Christensen's character. However, he did just appear alongside Hollywood heavyweights Julianne Moore, Liam Neeson and Amanda Seyfried in Chloe and while his role was far less demanding than the others, he put on an adequate performance. Lawrence, on the other hand, is a guaranteed win for Tonderai. Guillermo Arriaga's The Burning Plain was far from his best work, but the segment featuring Lawrence was fantastic. She and her co-star J.D. Pardo easily steal the film from their better known company, Charlize Theron and Kim Basinger. Hopefully when we get a peek at Thieriot in Wes Craven's fall release, My Soul to Take, he'll earn just as much of my confidence.
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