It's been a while since we heard anything about Ghyslain Raza, better known to the Internet at large as "Star Wars Kid", star of what is heralded as "the most popular viral video of all-time." After three friends uploaded the infamous clip, which features Raza flailing about with a metal pole doing his most awkward Darth Maul impersonation, the Canadian teen became depressed, dropped out of school and wound up in a children's psychiatric hospital. The video isn't quite as hilarious when you know that.

Raza and his family eventually took the parents of the kids who uploaded the videos to court and sued them for the harassment Ghyslain has endured since the clip debuted, and they eventually earned a settlement. It seems like the story would end there, but website Motherboard brings us an update on one of the online world's most iconic people -- and where Raza is now may (or may not ... ) surprise you ...

Raza, now in his early 20s (and slimmed down) didn't become a Sith Lord, but he did wind up as the next best thing: a lawyer. After his courtroom experience, he decided to head to Montreal's McGill University, where he obtained his law degree. He's also landed a new gig, serving as president of the Patrimoine Trois-Rivières, a society dedicated to conserving the cultural history of Gaza's hometown of Trois-Rivières. No word on whether they'll be preserving a copy of their most famous son's moment of Internet infamy, but it seems unlikely.

Kidding aside (don't sue me, Ghyslain!), it's nice to see this story has a happy ending. I shudder to think what kind of dorky things I'd have done on camera if this sort of technology and YouTube had been around when I was a teenager. If you haven't seen the infamous video yet, check it out below.

[via Motherboard]