serenity wash comic

Good ol' Hoban Wash, one of the quirky heroes from Joss Whedon's Firefly series and its film spinoff Serenity, is heading back to the 'verse this Wednesday with the Patton Oswalt-scripted Serenity: Float Out. (Warning: There be spoilers below for those of you who haven't seen Serenity yet.)

The one-shot comic from Dark Horse brings the fallen Wash back to life -- via flashback -- with three brand new stories set in Whedon's ramshackle space-meets-old west sci-fi universe. This is a must-read for Firefly fans who thought Wash deserved better than getting abruptly harpooned through the gut in the second half of Serenity.

I hated seeing Wash go, but you gotta admit that his death helped dial up the movie's stakes during the crew's final showdown with the Reavers and Chiwetel Ejiofor, making watching the film a much more engaging and tense experience. Still, I'm glad that Dark Horse and Oswalt (of Caprica, Dollhouse and Big Fan awesomeness) decided to dedicate 40 full-color pages to giving Wash another go-round and a proper goodbye. There's no way I'm not picking this thing up tomorrow, especially with DH teasing a super secret character cameo!