- If you've got a hot mom or expect to be a fan of the upcoming Duplass brothers comedy Cyrus, you might want to pick up one of these "Seriously, Don't F**K My Mom" t-shirts available from Fox Searchlight's online store. [via Anne Thompson]

- During a presentation of 2011 release dates, Warner Bros. CEO Barry Meyer announced December 16 of that year for Sherlock Holmes 2, a week after the studio prematurely opens New Year's Eve. It's also been confirmed that Rachel McAdams "will be present" in the Holmes sequel, though not as the leading lady. Maybe she can just stand around for the majority of the movie and then have a quick little fight scene. Works for RDJ's other female co-stars.

- Bored with 3D? Aziz Ansari and Justin Bieber show us the next big thing in home theater technology with this MTV Movie Awards promo presenting The Hurt Locker in 4D. The interactivity is almost as good as that Kevin Bacon Movie Club (remember?).

- Now that Facebook has influenced Saturday Night Live by getting Betty White to host (and get phenomenal ratings, I might add), other campaigns are springing up left and right. First, there's an attempt to get philosopher/theorist Slavoj Zizek (and yes, he has relevance to movies; just watch The Pervert's Guide to Cinema) to host SNL. Now there's also a page encouraging the Academy to finally give Doris Day an honorary Oscar [via Movieline].

- I really hate driving, but suddenly I want a car and I want it to have a TomTom GPS device. Why? Because you can have Darth Vader's voice on a TomTom GPS device. And soon you'll also have the choice of C-3PO (which might seem too close to normal GPS voices), Yoda (which could easily be confusing) and Han Solo. I doubt the real deal is as Orson Welles-esque as the commercial, unfortunately:

[via Kotaku]