Welcome to I Would Revisit/Abandon, a new regular SciFi Squad feature where we will take a science fiction or fantasy universe, franchise or series and examine whether or not we would like to see more of it or if the door should be locked up and the key thrown away. Expect new entries every Wednesday and Friday and although you're safe right here, be warned that potential spoilers lurk beyond the jump!

This week, we'll be re-thinking those plane tickets to...

Place: eXistenZ

People/Characters: Rock star game programmer Allegra Gellar and marketing trainee Ted Pikul. Two thrilling career pairings.

What Makes it Unique: Bioports, existential crises, guns made out of bones, Jennifer Jason Leigh. Oh, and the fact that you can never quite tell what's real and what isn't.

Verdict: Revisit!

Reason: eXistenZ is one of my favorite David Cronenberg films, which is saying a lot considering David Cronenberg is one of my favorite filmmakers working today. I think the incredibly weird little world Cronenberg constructed is a bit too much for people to handle, so it's kind of relegated to being just another strange Cronenbergian experiment, but I dig the hell out of it. That said, I don't want to revisit the actual story of eXistenZ. I think it ends right where it should.

I would, however, like to revisit the world of eXistenZ. Not the game world, but the real world; the world where it's normal for things like eXistenZ to exist. I want to know what other kind of abnormal conceits (like bioports) are completely normal in that land. I have no guesses as to what those would entail, but it's fun to wonder that if something as freakydeaky as a game like eXistenZ is in all actuality pretty common place, what does the truly taboo stuff in a world like that look like?
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