• Brad McHargue's pick for this week's Horror Squad Movie Club is Brad Anderson's superb thriller, The Machinist.
  • Alison Nastasi took on the latest entry of I Would Have Saved/Killed and opted for Night of the Creeps. I couldn't agree more with her selection, so check it out if you've seen Fred Dekker's under-appreciated '80s zombie film.
  • Magnet Releasing were in the news twice this week. First: the genre arm of Magnolia have picked up the killer-tire film Rubber for US distribution. Second: They've dated the great [REC] 2's OnDemand release for June 4th. If you loved the original Spanish beast, I guarantee you will love this inventive sequel from the same directing duo.
  • Alison gives a quick profile of Lunchmeat, a magazine that honors the best of VHS. Yes, there are still plenty of films on VHS that aren't on DVD.
  • Speaking of VHS, years ago I was blown away by the amazing fake trailer for Lazer Ghosts 2: Return to Laser Cove. Now the gents behind it, Astron-6, have a feature film in the works called Manborg and you can see a teaser trailer for it (as well asLG2:RLC) right here.
  • Micah Matthews dives into three titles of his own pile for What We're Watching: Blood on the Highway, Blood Rage and Humanoids From the Deep.
  • Ex-New Line Cinema honcho Bob Shaye's new studio, Unique Features, have optioned Heavy Rain, the innovative PS3-exclusive serial killer investigation game, for the big screen.
  • This week's Terror Tuesday film at the Alamo Drafthouse was The Burbs. As always, Brian Salisbury reports back on the audience's reaction.
  • Lastly, Luke Mullen runs down This Week's Discs, which is convenient because I had no idea that Tell Tale, a new adaptation of Poe's classic tale starring Josh Lucas, Lena Heady and Brian Cox, was out now on Blu-ray.
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