It's Friday, which means it's Sci-Fi Squad Movie Club time. I'm sure you know the drill by now, but if not, here's how it works. On Friday we assign a sci-fi flick as a sort of weekend cinematic homework. You have until Monday to watch said sci-fi flick. On Monday we all gather around the virtual watercooler and discuss what we thought about it. Sound fun? It is. Especially since this week's assignment is...

The Gene Generation (2007)

Who's involved?

The movie is directed by Pearry Reginald Teo, a relatively new director whose work I am unfamiliar with. And with the exception of two actresses - Bai Ling (Crank 2, Revenge of the Sith) and Faye Dunaway (Chinatown, Network, Bonnie and Clyde) - I'm similarly unfamiliar with the film's actors.

I'm not much help on this one, am I?

What's it about?

Remember how, in that last section, I admitted I wasn't really familiar most of the people involved with the film? Well guess what? I'm also pretty hazy on the film's plot. So how about we let Netflix do the dirty work for me:

Bai Ling stars as Michelle, a hired gun in the future who's pulled into her family's drama when her brazen brother, Jackie (Parry Shen), runs afoul of hackers whose modus operandi is to mess with their victims' DNA. No matter how hard Michelle tries to steer her brother away from monumental trouble, he finds it and relies on her for help. But has he gone too far this time, or can they band together for one last fight?

Nothing overly original, but sounds like it could be solid, right?

Why should you watch it?

I'm not going to give you a hard sell on this one since I haven't seen it, but I've skimmed a few reviews, and critics seem to have generally positive things to say about the movie: Cult Reviews // Cinefantastique // Quiet Earth

Of the reviews I glanced over, Don Willmott of FilmCritic.Com had my favorite line: "The Gene Generation puts Ling into the tightest leather imaginable, but she still has enough flexibility to do as much machine gun shooting and karate kicking as is required to save a future world from destruction by DNA tampering. I can't think of a better sentence to separate the will-enjoys from the won't-enjoys.

Anything else?

I'm not sure how available this film will be at Blockbuster, but it is available to stream on Netflix Instant and to download on Amazon. Here's the trailer:

See you guys on Monday!
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