The website has been linked to JJ Abrams' Super 8 since the secret project was (modestly) unveiled two weeks ago and it looks like fans on the hunt have already begun to dig up clues. has assembled a chronological account thus far, which is well worth reading if you enjoy these clever marketing campaigns, but in short it goes like this:

1. Countdown timer on ends, reveals computer terminal simulator.
2. After many failed commands, two fans were able to find a functioning executable command.
3. Said command revealed two scans from a newspaper, one being a large ad for Rocket Poppeteers, a Popsicle treat, the other an excerpt from JFK's speech about the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty.

Here's where it gets interesting. Forum members noticed that various words had been 'marked up' and that there were two "X"s on both pages. They then aligned the two "X"s (someone remembers Contact's lesson on aligning primers) and revealed that the marked words on the left page isolated a handful of words from JFK's speech. This is the most logical sentence they form:

"No certainty if alive, may be after us, we go underground."

From there it gets even stranger. The two communities MovieViral have been tracking have linked together several names found thus far in the campaign with possible real-world counter parts, both of whom are retired members of the Air Force who have given testimonials in the past to having seen UFOs. I'd say it's doubtful that's a coincidence.

We're still over a year out from the release of Super 8, so don't expect this viral game to dig up anything that's too juicy just yet, but I'm guessing a little before or after this summer's Comic-Con, you can expect to find even more discoveries. If you think you've got what it takes to uncover them for yourself, check out both WikiBruce and Unfiction.