Welcome to the SciFi Squad Movie Club, where we make your dreams come true. With magic. We also recommend a movie for you to watch over the weekend so we can talk about it on Monday. Simple enough, right? This week, we'll be taking a look at a movie that only came out last year but is already fast cementing itself as a modern classic...

Moon (2009)

Who's involved?

The effervescent Sam Rockwell and 'ol reliable himself, Kevin Spacey. It was also written and directed by Duncan Jones, son of pop star/head of the Guild of Calamitous Intent, David Bowie.

What's it about?

Sam Rockwell plays a fellow named Sam, a technician living alone on a lunar base, where he oversees an automated mining operation. His three year shift is almost up and he's ready to go home to his wife and young daughter. Then something happens. If you don't know what happens, don't read about it. Just go pick up a copy (or watch it on Netflix Instant Watch!) and let it all unfold in front of you. You will thank me.

Why should you watch it?

I've mentioned my undying love for Mr. Rockwell before
, but if you aren't sold on him as the best thing happening on modern movie screens, you will be after watching Moon. His work here is extraordinary, made all the more impressive since he is the only actor in the movie who isn't a robot voiced by Kevin Spacey or a face on a glitchy computer monitor. In a just world, Rockwell would have taken home a Best Actor trophy at this year's Academy Awards, but he can just join the club of amazing people who never get the recognition they deserve. Rockwell is not the only aspect of Moon to treasure, though. Jones' direction is confident and stylish without getting overblown and the simple (and dirt cheap) special effects have more weight and realism to them than most summer blockbusters. Not enough? How about a complex, thought-provoking plot that stays with you for weeks after watching it?

Moon is the best science fiction film of the past ten years.

Anything else?

Watch the scene around the ping pong table. Watch it again. Tell me it's the not the most successful special effects set piece you've ever seen. Because it is.


Thank you. See you on Monday.
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