- Sony's Columbia Pictures has signed up for Kevin James' next film, Here Comes the Boom (you can also thank them for Paul Blart: Mall Cop). Adam Sandler's Happy Madison will be producing, though Sandler won't actually star alongside James. Variety says Salma Hayek may wind up being the female lead, however, what anyone's role would entail is unclear given no plot details have emerged.

- Jean-Pierre Jeunet would like to make a live-action, 3D film at some point in the future. Now a 3D film from someone as visually creative as Jeunet is a 3D movie I'd actually like to see...

- Doug Liman may end up directing Joel and Ethan Coen's script for a remake of Gambit, the Michael Cain/Shirley MacLaine hesit film from '66. Deadline points out that Liman is currently circling multiple projects, so this may not end up happening anytime soon, if at all.

- Sidney Perkowitz over at the Science and Entertainment Exchange blog has a fun look up at where science fiction movies would be without lasers.

- I'm a big fan of British director Christopher Smith, so it's great to finally see a trailer for his knights versus necromancer film, Black Death. I'm also just happy to see Sean Bean in a role other than the supporting guy who ends up backstabbing the hero.

Black Death - Trailer
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- This is easily my new favorite 'Don't talk during the movie' bumper for the Alamo Drafthouse. Fans of Troll 2/Best Worst Movie should be in heaven watching George Hardy have this much fun: