The Jonah Hex trailer has appeared online, ahead of its SyFy debut, courtesy of Yahoo! Movies. I had been warned by a lot of Hex fans who saw it last night that it would destroy all hope for the movie. Perhaps my expectations had really plummeted, but I actually like it. It's definitely more Wild Wild West than Sergio Leone, and takes Hex into a really creepy, eerie place that he rarely goes to in the comics. Hex is an odd character, but I don't think I've ever seen a run where he possessed such magical powers.

Fans of Joe Lansdale's run will recognize some story elements, fans of the recent Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti run won't see much of anything that's familiar. Jonah Hex has had a few different origin stories over the years, so there isn't any canonical version, but this still managed to write an entirely new tale of how Jonah obtained his scars. There's no Apache or Union soldiers here, and it's rather disappointing.

My expectations are low, but not entirely shattered. It's not the Jonah Hex I'd hoped for, but it doesn't look too awful. Josh Brolin has nailed the character perfectly, and it's a shame if the movie around him doesn't hold up. It might be a decent summer ride, and at least something different from mercenaries out to clear their name.

Check it out after the jump. Jonah Hex rides into theaters on June 18th.