Read on, because what you think is just a metaphor in the title really, really isn't.

A few days ago, Sacha Baron Cohen, along with writers Alex Berg, Jeff Schaffer, and David Mandel (of Curb Your Enthusiasm), started pitching studios a new comedy they're working on. No Borats or Brunos, no wild shenanigans ... until the next day. Come day 2, WME Entertainment had a goat wandering around their third floor atrium. Sources said it was because Paramount wants the pitch, which seems to involve a character who tends goats. (But, presumably, doesn't stare at them.) A source said: "This is the reason why people are paying so much attention to this pitch. It's a big straight ahead comedy and Sacha is starring in a really funny role." Day 3: The goat worked. Paramount has nabbed the comedy after a bidding war, a bidding war upped by not one, but two, goats. The studio also sent one to Cohen, and both wore "Paramount T-shirts and trailing animal handlers." What they didn't bring along was a pooper scooper, so the WME goat was removed from the floor.

So what has these studios foaming at the mouth? When did goats become a hot Hollywood commodity and cinematic trend? It's not just Cohen. His Bruno made half of what Borat did domestically, and $130 million less worldwide. Obviously this is a whole different, goaty comedy. Each of the writers has success, but it can't be because the three wrote EuroTrip and Cat in the Hat, so we'll have to stay tuned.