For a cheery read, check out Superhero Hype's chat with Stan Lee and Avi Arad about the future of Marvel movies, both those in and outside of Marvel Studios Lee says the character he's most eager to see on the big screen is Doctor Strange, and that "they will get to it pretty soon." Kevin Feige has echoed that, so maybe you'll have news from the astral plane by San Diego ComicCon. And for those weirded out that Chris Evans will play two superheroes, Lee shares your reservation, particularly since he feels the Marvel worlds will eventually collide. "It seems a little bit strange to me," he admitted, "but he's a terrific actor and has a great personality ... [but when it comes to playing both] I'm glad I'm not the producer ... The problem is that some other movie companies have the rights to some of the characters but, after a few years, Marvel will get them all back ... sooner or later they will get [a single movie universe], absolutely."

Edgar Wright couldn't resist fueling the rumor machine, tweeting that he had just met Joss Whedon for the first time the other day. Approximately 50,000 "Whedon and Wright Talk Ant-Man! Ant-Man filming soon!" stories hit the geekosphere within the next minute. The disaster that was temporarily wrought on our communications rivaled the damage done by that Icelandic volcano.

If I must speculate, I'm guessing Wright lined up to have his Firefly boxed set signed. That's how everyone meets Whedon for the first time.

Not much information has surfaced about Seth Green's Star Wars television show, but IGN reports that LucasFilm's Steve Sansweet teased fans at C2E2 with where it fit into Star Wars canon. When one fan wished for more adventures with Han, Luke and Leia (apparently that ginormous extended book universe can no longer satisfy), Sansweet replied: "And you will, in the new animation." So, there you go. Green is venturing into post-Return of the Jedi territory, and I hope his goal is to lampoon that very extended book universe. Watch your back, Kevin J. Anderson!

Everyone's favorite Batman voice, Kevin Conroy, knocked Christian Bale's raspy Batman voice at C2E2. "He just got steered wrong. Obviously, someone should have stopped him and said 'You sound ridiculous.'" Screen Rant captured his answer on video, where a room geeks out over Conroy's version of the "hockey pads" line.

Finally, there's a tribute to DC Comic movies that's floating around the interwebs, and you may enjoy it below: