Did somebody say Heartbeeps? There was a Heartbeeps name-check in Jacob's Hall's recent article on Logan's Run, and I was reminded of this justifiably forgotten family film from 1981. In it, two service robots fall in love and run away from their human masters to live a life of freedom.

I've seen it (and not so long ago) but can't remember a single thing about it. Maybe that's for the best? In researching this post, I did discover that Heartbeeps was Oscar-nominated for the first-ever Best Make-Up category. An American Werewolf in London ended up winning the Academy Award that year, and Heartbeeps' innovative make-up design would end up being updated for a popular series of ads for Duracell batteries.

Heartbeeps star Andy Kaufman appeared on Late Night with David Letterman, apologizing for appearing in the film, and offering his fans a full refund for sitting through the flop movie.

You can see the poster in full after the jump, as well as the trailer, and Kaufman's refund offer on Letterman.