Coming in on the WTF wires is the appearance of a film that has to be seen to believed. You won't have that chance in theaters, but if you wait until June 8 you can take a gander at The 41 Year Old Virgin Who Knocked Up Sarah Marshall and Felt Superbad About It. Yes, in the spirit of Don't Be A Menace To South Central While Drinking Your Juice In The Hood and Shriek If You Know What I Did Last Friday the 13th, we have another entry in the post-Friedberg/Seltzer era of spoofs that promises to push Superhero Movie into the creme de la creme of its generation.

Peter Hall reported on the release of the trailer back in December and although it hasn't been a full year, the title of the film has aged as much. Universal is actually nowhere near this project. Nevertheless, the product is on the pre-order shelves and we can all look forward to the first feature release from Craig Moss, the director of the 8-minute short Saving Ryan's Privates. At least the potential of a spoof is there for an overtly serious WWII film, no matter how tasteless it might be. But precisely what is to be enlivened by spoofing not just a comedy, but some of the best comedies of the past five years? To wit, here are some of the joke ideas you can get for your $15.99.

- The chest-waxing scene now includes the removal of nipples.
- The name on the infamous fake ID is now McAnalovin
- A timely To Catch A Predator joke (with a guy who looks more like Ryan Reynolds than Chris Hansen)
- Someone who looks like Dr. Phil in the trailer (even the real Mr. McGraw has standards)
- Police Officers named Beat and Yo'Ass
- Impersonators of the Verizon "hear me now" and the Dos Equis "most interesting man in the world" pitch men.
- A recreation of the naked fight scene from Borat.
- Older couples having sex on the lawn and talking about "tossing salad" and "reach-arounds"
- McAnalovin, a la Slumdog Millionaire, jumping into a pool of excrement.
- The drunk drive from Virgin includes more reckless driving (by Mircea Monroe's vagina) and extra vomit.

So what are you waiting for? Support Craig Moss and these bottom-feeder parodies so we can look forward to more treasures like:

- Following The Prestige Of Insomnia With A Memento Of The Dark Knight

- Strange Days Near Dark At The Point Break Of The Hurt Locker

- Glen & Garry & Glen & Ross Wag The Dog with The Spanish Prisoner At The House Of Games On The Corner Of State And Main

Tagline: The first casualties of war are the wise guys who blow out a body double of Carrie and The Black Dahlia who are both dressed to kill on a mission to mars.
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