Drum roll time. Considering it is the most profitable film ever made, Paramount has been actively seeking a director for the sequel to Paranormal Activity for some time now. They had their man in Saw 6 director Kevin Grutert, but then Lionsgate stole him back for Saw 7 by activating a clause in his contract with the studio. Then things got even more unpredictable as word started to leak out that possible directors being recruited were mega-producer Akiva Goldsman and Brian De Palma, to name a few. Well, now the search is over and the winner is...Tod "Kip" Williams.

Don't know who Tod Williams is? That's alright, I doubt you're alone on that end. Don't worry though, no one had any idea who Oren Peli was before he made Paranormal Activity, either, and now he not only has a few world records under his belt, but he's off directing Area 51 and producing a few movies himself. As for Williams, his most notable film to date is the 2004 drama The Door in the Floor, which is, stylistically and tonally, a far cry from the found footage likes of PA. I kind of like that, though, and I like that they went with a relative unknown instead of giving a big name run of the (haunted) house they've built.

The announcement came today from Peli himself over at ParanormalMovie.com. It was simple yet gracious in its brevity:

"I have some awesome news for the fans of Paranormal Activity - director Kip Williams will join us for the next chapter of the story.

We are thrilled to have Kip working with us. He is the guy we want at the helm, because he knows exactly what we want to deliver to the fans...and I can't wait to be a part of what he's putting together.

I don't want to spoil the story but I promise it'll surprise you. Stay tuned.


But what say you? Is Kip Williams a good pick? Do you have any preference otherwise? Are you even looking forward to Paranormal Activity 2?