If you read the title of this article and thought to yourself "Who is this Captain Future character and why should I be interested?", you may very well be me. Or you could be another person who is entirely unfamiliar with Captain Future. I'll let you decide the answer to that question since you know you better than me (unless you're me).

A lot of strenuous typing over the course of a few lengthy minutes allowed me to discover the truth about this Captain Future. He was a 1940s pulp magazine hero created by Edmond Hamilton who was later re-imagined in a 1970s anime series. Seems like the Buck Rogers/Flash Gordon type. You know, the fly-around-in-a-spaceship-and-save-lovely-ladies-while-punching-aliens type. As a fan of fantastic pulp, I'm ashamed to be unfamiliar with the character, but intrigued to see what can be done with this kind of property in the modern age.

Quiet Earth has the scoop on this project, as well as some words from director Christian Alvart, who is apparently a lifelong fan of the character and has been pursuing the film rights for years. Says Alvart:

"We are developing Captain Future as a big fun space opera for the whole family - hoping to recreate that same sense of excitement that I had discovering space through the Captain's eyes. There are many smart and adult ideas in the franchise for grown-ups to enjoy, but this will definitely be something they can take their kids to as well."

Sounds good to me. I wasn't a big fan of Alvart's last film, Pandorum, but he seems enthusiastic enough (the character is apparently still very popular in Europe, including Alvart's home, Germany). I love the idea of keeping the pulpy fun of this kind of character intact and making a movie that children can enjoy as well. I'm really getting over the whole "dark and brooding" thing that has been in vogue for the past ten years or so.

Alvart doesn't go into story details outside of saying that it will be an "origin story," but those folks over at Dark Horizons apparently know more about the character than I do and could speculate that:

"...it will probably deal with the murder of Newton's parents at the hands of criminal scientist Victor Kaslan and his subsequent upbringing under the tutelage of scientist Simon Wright, an intelligent robot and a shapeshifting android."

Nice. Very nice. This project is definitely a long way from fruition, but it should be one to keep an eye on. Doc Savage, The Shadow and now Captain Future. Pulp, like ancient Greece, is back.