I don't care much for Feast and I'm not a fan of the Saw series but writer Patrick Melton and co-writer/director Marcus Dunstan's The Collector is definitely my cup of team and Melton recently spoke with Dread Central about the possibility of a sequel to the home invasion horror flick. He also chatted with Dread about Saw II, 3D technology, the Oscar's awkward nod to horror films and more.

The duo is penning the script for the latest installment in the Saw series (lucky number 7) and director Kevin Greutert is halfway through principal photography after a studio debacle where Lionsgate went head-to-head with Paramount and exercised an option in Greutert's contract to force him off Paranormal Activity 2 and back to the Saw series. Adding insult to injury, this happened literally a few weeks before filming. What kind of film can you expect when the helmer has been unwillingly plopped into a chair just days away from shooting? Melton is keeping the faith:

" ... If anyone can do it, it's Kevin. He's been involved in every single Saw movie, and he directed the last one so he knows the limitations of the crew and the limitations of the resources, and so he's been able to adapt pretty quickly, and it's looking good. Because we are playing with the idea that this may be the last Saw movie and we are trying to wrap things up, it's made it a ton more ambitious."
Melton goes on to talk more in detail about what's in store for the film which may be the final chapter in the series after part six's underwhelming performance at the box office this past Halloween. Oh and let's not forget about that whole 3-D thing. According to Melton the idea has been discussed since Saw V and ""It can work really well ... ," he continues. "Marcus and I worked on My Bloody Valentine 3D, which lent itself to a sort of an over-the-top story, and it was quite conducive to the 3D experience of being fun and wild, like the five-minute naked sequence. With Saw VII, it's more of using 3D for the visceral nature of it."

Something I had been keeping tabs on was the team's potential collaboration with Clive Barker for Clive Barker's Hotel on ABC, but it sounds like the project is bombing at the studio. Melton and Dunstan were also on tap for the redux of Cronenberg's Scanners, but according to Melton there were creative differences and the whole shebang was too pricey to move forward with.

And what about a sequel to The Collector? Melton had this to say:

"I didn't think it necessarily would happen because while the movie did well for its budget, it certainly wasn't a blockbuster, but it did well enough that the film's producer, Mickey Liddell, wants to make a sequel and of course wants me and Marcus to be involved again. So we are seeing if we can work out some sort of a deal for us to write it and for Marcus to direct, but right now it's just in the deal stage. It is a possibility. I couldn't imagine it being made without Marcus directing it."

You can read the full interview with Patrick Melton on Dread Central and find out what he has to say about the Oscars horror tribute, which our own Brian Salisbury sounded off on over here.
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