Now, I can only hope that Michael Bay will re-release a 3D version of Pearl Harbor just in time for Christmas 2041. And maybe Oliver Stone and Paul Greengrass can have similar (posthumous, probably) anniversary editions of their respective films come September 11, 2101. Of course, by then, it'll be hologram versions of World Trade Center and United 93 -- or whatever hot trend in cinema exists at the time -- that audiences will be lured in for. Too bad W.S. Van Dyke's San Francisco couldn't have been updated in color and 3D and with new CG effects for a centennial re-release four years ago.

But then, not everyone can be as important as James Cameron, who told USA Today that a 3D version of Titanic is set for release in the Spring of 2012, which puts it out on the 100th anniversary of the actual disaster. And hey, if Fox opens the thing on April 13 of that year, audiences can enjoy the movie on the same dates the ship struck an iceberg and completely went down during the early morning of April 15, 1912. True Titanic fans will want to attend the midnight screenings that Saturday.

Kevin Jagernauth at The Playlist thankfully calls Cameron out for being hypocritical in being okay with a 3D retro-fit of Titanic while criticizing the recent trend of retro-fitting other films, such as Clash of the Titans. Well, again, not everyone can be as important as Cameron, who is also looking at a summer 2010 re-release for Avatar. He also says a 3D version of The Terminator is okay if he's in charge of it. But we might have to wait for the 100th anniversary of the real-life robot apocalypse, whenever that happens.
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