Well, the first round of Cinematical Late Night didn't bring out any pitchforks, so it looks like you can expect to find it Monday through Thursday a few times a week. If you've got any news bits you think might fit, please do use the contact form at the top of the page.

- Universal Studios Hollywood has a new King Kong 3D attraction on the horizon for this summer, and so they've begun teasing it accordingly. The video might be a little too Cloverfield-reminiscent, but I'd be game for seeing King Kong flatten Hollywood.

- Wesley Snipes tells MTV what he'd like to see in a hypothetical fourth Blade film while simultaneously taking a swipe at Blade: Trinity. Smart.

- With the screenplay more or less in the bag, James Cameron is now looking around for candidates to direct a remake of Fantastic Voyage. Don't worry, Avatar haters, Cameron didn't write it, he's just producing.

- There's been off and on talk of a big screen continuation of HBO's Rome since its second season ended in 2007, but it looks like progress might finally be settling back into the on position.

- Geek Chic Daily has a fun list of facts about Alice in Wonderland creator Lewis Caroll. Did you know he has a disease named after him?

- Vin Diesel reveals on his Facebook page that Fast Five is going to be, at least in part, set in Brazil. I'm sure this news interests someone.

- If you were hoping to see a good amount of Michael Shannon in Jonah Hex, you'll be bummed to hear the actor describe his role as a cameo, albeit one that has the potential to crop up in subsequent sequels.

- Confirmation that Zack Snyder's Sucker Punch and Martin Campbell's Green Lantern will be arriving in 3D further proves that Warner Brothers has no plans of pulling back on 3D conversions. Hooray.

- TV actor Michael Cassidy mentions on Twitter that he's no longer on the short list for Captain America.

- If you love charts, check out this great graphical break down of the current state of the film industry.

- Good night, and watch a movie tomorrow.
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