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Like horror movies? Like Cinematical? Then you're in luck, because Cinematical happens to have its own horror movie blog called Horror Squad. But in case you're not reading HS on a regular basis (for shame), here's what you've been missing on the genre front.

- First and foremost, this past week's Horror Squad Movie Club entry was Night of the Demons 2. Feel free to join in on Alison Nastasi's discussion post right here.

- If you loved the terrifying Spanish beast that is [REC], which sadly needs to be qualified as the original film Quarantine was based on, Luke Mullen has details on how/when you can get your hands on a DVD/Blu-ray of its amazing sequel.

- Brian Salisbury checks in with his latest Terror Tuesday Report from the Alamo Drafthouse. If it's been a while since you've seen The Beast Within, give it a read to see if it still holds up with an audience.

- If the Sundance buzz for Vincenzo Natali's Splice got you interested, Warner Brothers has a summer release planned.

- George Romero's latest film, Survival of the Dead, gets a Red Band trailer.

- Scott Weinberg implores that you stop what you're doing and watch the 47-minute long The Call of Cthulhu adaptation available on Netflix Watch Instantly.

- Samuel Bayer, director of the new Nightmare on Elm Street for Platinum Dunes, says no to doing a sequel.

- To compliment John Gholson's coverage here on Cinematical, check out my take on the Pretty Scary Bloodbath, a mini-festival celebrating independent women filmmakers in horror.

- Mike Bracken has a few details on who is likely to replace Marcus Nispel on The Last Voyage of the Demeter, one of the few interesting vampire films on the horizon.