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Like horror movies? Like Cinematical? Then you're in luck, because Cinematical happens to have its own horror movie blog called Horror Squad. But in case you're not reading HS on a regular basis (for shame), here's what you've been missing on the genre front.

  • Platinum Dunes' remake of Nightmare on Elm Street has a new feature trailer, so if you've been dying to see, and particularly hear, more of Jackie Earle Haley as Krueger, now's your chance.
  • We've got a brand new poster showcasing Repo Men's particular brand of humor.
  • I assure you that it was pure coincidence that Brian Salisbury wrote his retro review of Orca: The Killer Whale the same day an Orca killed a trainer in Florida.
  • If you, like I, have always felt Ozploitation was decidedly lacking in the tentacle department, then you'll be able to take in the trailer for El Monstro del Mar.
  • Speaking of Ozploitation, Mark Hartley, the director of the shouldn't-miss documentary Not Quite Hollywood, is going to be remaking the classic Australian horror film Patrick.
  • Check out some outstanding fan-made minimalist posters for Stephen King movies. I'm a big fan of the one for It.
  • The Horror Squad Movie Club kicked things off with Altered, the under-loved rednecks-kidnap-an-alien flick directed by Eduardo Sanchez (The Blair Witch Project) that everyone seemed to enjoy far more than they were expecting to.
  • Timothy Olyphant talks to Horror Squad about Breck Eisner's remake of George Romero's The Crazies.