It's day-old if not month-old news that there's another Fast and the Furious sequel on the way. It's called Fast Five, which cuts out the "furious" this time so as not to get sued by Grandmaster Flash or Kung Fu Panda. But I'd like for Friday installments of the Pitch of the Day to be unofficially "Franchise Fridays." This means that all pitches on Fridays will be suggestions on what to do with a franchise. This is different from "Part Two Tuesdays," which will only be pitches for a first sequel -- a part two -- of a film. So with that clarified, let me present my preference for the next F2F film to be...

Fast and Furious in Space

Guess what it's about. I'll give you one hint: there are no cars this time. Give up? Vin Diesel and Paul Walker are racing space ships! How'd their characters get into outer space and the future? Maybe they're cryogenically frozen? Maybe Paul Walker is really an immortal android? It doesn't really matter. It's science fiction, after all. And whatever method of explanation used won't be any more ridiculous than the rest of the series anyway. And the audience won't care as long as they get to watch some awesome space ship-racing action.

Seriously, from Leprechaun to the Muppets to James Bond to Friday the 13th, tired franchises have been given new life with the fresh premise "____ in space." And it would work with plenty of other dying series. I don't want to waste any ideas that could be future "Franchise Friday" pitches, but let's just say it'd be neat to see Indiana Jones on an archaeological dig ... on the moon. The next Terminator movie, once it's decided who's making it? Definitely time for that story to exit the earth's orbit. The next Spider-Man ... is a symbiote origin story.

Now, back to the Fast and the Furious space episode. What should it be called? Warp Speed and Furious? Fast and Furious: Kessel Run? Dominic X?