With all the excitement surrounding the Oscars and, of course, Razzie noms, we thought we'd turn to our loyal Moviefone fans on Facebook and ask: What do you think is the #worst movie ever?

Some responses were expected ('Battlefield Earth'!), while others were admittedly shocking ('District 9'? Really?). But at the end of the day, it's the moviegoers who buy the tickets. So take a look at the flicks that Moviefone's "academy" members wish had never been made, then fan us on Facebook or follow @Moviefone on Twitter and tell us your own picks for the least-coveted title of all: #WorstMovieEver. Ever since the UK's Empire Magazine released its list of "Worst Movies of All Time" -- topped by the superhero sequel 'Batman and Robin' -- the debate has been raging on Moviefone as to what film truly deserves that title.

First we reached out to our enthusiastic fans on Facebook, where some of the responses were expected ('Battlefield Earth'!), while others were admittedly shocking ('District 9'? Really?). Then we published the feedback on this very page, where we've been inundated with several hundred more comments from readers with their picks for WORST MOVIE EVER.

So which movie has received the most mentions for this dubious honor? It appears John Travolta's 2000 sci-fi turkey 'Battlefield Earth' is the frontrunner for people's choice, with strong "support" also shown for 'Batman and Robin,' Stanley Kubrick's final film 'Eyes Wide Shut,' the low-budget horror flick 'Blair Witch Project' and the sci-fi cult classic 'Plan 9 From Outer Space.'

(Aside from 'Batman and Robin,' also ranking on Empire's top 5 were 'Battlefield Earth,' 'The Love Guru,' 'Raise the Titanic' and 'Epic Movie.')

Check out some of our favorite reader comments on contenders for the worst movie all time, then tell us your pick.

Moviefone Fan Marc takes it upon himself to educate friends on what truly is, as he puts it, the worst movie of all time by forcing them to watch 'Battlefield Earth.'

Christine offers a rather morose reaction to 2008 drama 'Blindness,' despite its multiple award nominations and critical praise.

Hype wasn't enough to make 'Blair Witch Project' worth this reader's time and money.

Nancy joins several others in their disdain for Stanley Kubrick's last film 'Eyes Wide Shut,' which starred Tom Cruise and wife at the time Nicole Kidman.

And from Moviefone reader Mark, the infamous and always entertaining demand for a refund.

One commenter reminds us of Hollywood's tendency to dumb down their scripts.

Forget critics and the box office, this fan wishes 'Star Trek' was never made!

Some fans, like Howard and Mike here, couldn't settle on one movie, so they delved into their top, er, bottom picks.

A classic to some is a worst to others, and Moviefone fan Gary isn't shy about his feelings towards Barbara Streisand and Robert Redford's 'The Way We Were.'

Not even the King of Pop could escape the wrath of our readers.