Two weeks ago, we heard news that a pregnancy guidebook, What to Expect When You're Expecting, is being turned into a film. In my response, I predicted that we'd also eventually get an adaptation of the book's sequel, What to Expect: The First Year. But now it seems someone will beat Lionsgate to the punch on that idea, because DreamWorks is already developing a movie based on a parenting guide.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the studio bought the rights to an upcoming book called Eat, Sleep, Poop: A Common Sense Guide to Your Baby's First Year. The guide will be adapted by Four Christmases scribes Matt Allen and Caleb Wilson as a comedy (as opposed to a horror film, which some of us might presume it to be). And just so you know, this has some prestige attached: three-time Oscar-nominee Walter F. Parkes (Awakenings) is producing with Laurie MacDonald (The Ring).

Like What to Expect, this has franchise potential. Pediatrician Scott W. Cohen, who wrote Eat, Sleep, Poop, plans to continue with a series of follow-up books. The first book comes out of his experience raising a child of his own, which drastically changed the way he practices his profession. So it seems the film's plot could come more out of Cohen's story than from impersonal instructional steps, as What to Expect appears to be doing.

Actually, in a way it sounds like Marley & Me with a baby instead of a dog. But will it be that simple? When I was a kid, it wasn't enough for Hollywood to just make a comedy about a couple having a baby. The jokes about parenting weren't very fresh or funny anymore. We had to have talking babies, babies raised by as many men as was comically allowed and, ultimately, babies foiling their own kidnappings.

However, I've seen (and heard) female moviegoers' reactions to the Babies trailer. And I understand that for some, just seeing simple scenarios involving cute babies is enough of a draw. I just hope not to be subjected to any scenes with accidental drinking of breast milk or baby's peeing in dads' faces. Honestly, I'd rather watch super-powered genius babies save the world again.