Now that Marshall Curry's 2009 go-kart documentary Racing Dreams is being turned into a dramatic feature -- from Star Trek writer-producers Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman, no less -- it's time to just pitch every feel-good doc for a potential Hollywood remake. First up, since one of its three subjects has been missing in Haiti since the January 12 earthquake, I'd like to suggest a movie based on Adrian Belic's 2006 documentary...

Beyond the Call

The original Beyond the Call, which like Racing Dreams played the Tribeca Film Festival and has barely been seen since, is about the three-man humanitarian organization Knightsbridge, whose missions around the world have been called a cross between Indiana Jones and Mother Teresa. In the movie they're seen bringing food, supplies, money and assistance to needy areas of Afghanistan, the Philippines and Burma. And they're not only good human beings, they're hilarious, too.

One of these adventuring aide workers is Sir Walt Ratterman, the CEO of a non-profit organization that promotes and implements renewable energy services to remote, rural parts of the world. He's been in Haiti overseeing some of the organization's projects down there, but he hasn't been heard from since the disaster. Whether he's rescued or if he is sadly one of the quake's many casualties, he deserves a movie. It could be based on Belic's doc or more specifically on Ratterman's life with less focus on the other two Knightsbridge members, Ed Artis and Jim Laws.

The simple pitch of "part Mother Teresa, part Indiana Jones," which comes from the Tribeca press notes, should be enough of a spark for Hollywood, which has done far, far worse with relief-centric films like Beyond Borders and Tears of the Sun. Beyond the Call would be a combination of action, comedy, drama, war and inspiration film. Of all my pitch of the day posts, this is quite possibly the one I'd most like to see made, if only for Ratterman's legacy.

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