Celebrity Sightings:
E! got a pic of Gerard Butler (Holy Rollers) during his half-day in Park City. And Radar taped a quick interview with Ricky Lake, who was swag browsing. Movieline overheard a security guard at the CAA party telling Sundance jury member Parker Posey, "I'm sorry. This seating is reserved," referring to a row of empty couches.

Our Coverage: Kevin Kelly interviewed Malin Ackerman, Kate Mara and Zoe Kazan of happythankyoumoreplease and shared a note from Exit Through the Gift Shop star Banksy.

"Wow. Truly, wow ... If Four Lions is not the best film I see at Sundance this year, then that's good news for me: that means I'll be seeing something awesome in the next three days," raves Scott Weinberg on the political comedy. And here's his thoughts on the abortion doc 12th & Delaware: "No bias, no editorializing, no bullshit: just some damn good documentary filmmaking."

Erik Childress writes that Buried "works as an all-out thriller, plus it comes pretty close to becoming a viable anti-war / pro-soldier statement as well ... but it is by far not a perfect film," while Eric D. Snider says Cyrus is "a warm, hilarious story that's as smartly executed as anything I've seen in a while"

As for our leader, Erik Davis attended a bunch of parties last night and gave the most positive buzz of the festival to some delicious-looking shrimp.

More reactions from the team's Twitter feeds:
@ErikDavis: "Twelve: Can't Hardly Wait meets New Jack City meets Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles meets What the F*ck Were They Thinking?" "Maybe funniest Schumacher film ever."
@gadgetguy (Kevin Kelly): "Joel Schumacher's Twelve feels like a tawdry version of Whit Stillman's Metropolitan made for the CW. Yikes." "If you think Twelve is the worst movie you've ever seen... you need to see more movies.
@ScottEWeinberg: "TUCKER AND DALE is huge fun. Especially if you were raised on slasher flicks."

Deals: Still nothing. So I give you Eric D. Snider, via Twitter: "Sundance news: After fierce bidding war, lunch sold for low two figures."

indieWIRE Love: Eugene Hernandez co-moderated a panel on new distribution solutions. Read about it here. Anne Thompson has a "5-minute flip-cam quickie" interview with Runaways stars Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning, if you're not sick of them yet. Also from Thompson, a Tweet: "Of 3 actor-turned-directors at Sundance, Diego Luna has directed the audience fave, Abel, big applause this morning."

Tweets, Blogs and Treats: Brendon Connelly of /Film looks at the disappointing numbers so far for the Sundance YouTube initiative: "The best performing film was The Cove with a shocking count of just 303 rentals."

Mira Advani Honeycutt at Risky Business says the Runaways party "rocked with raw energy: Seventies and '80s music blared over loud conversation, tidbits were passed around and there was plenty of booze at the bar." Also, Vulture's review roundup evaluates whose performance is more revered, Stewart's or Fanning's.

At Voice Film, Karina Longworth quotes Joan Rivers of Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work on NBC: "They can go f*ck themselves."

Simon Dang at The Playlist calls The Killer Inside Me the Antichrist of Sundance in a look at the film's controversial premiere.

Today's Twitter trend was noting how the festival is already winding down:
Katey Rich of Cinema Blend: "It feels much quieter around here today...maybe it's just the snow."
Anne Thompson: "Sundance has slowed down. Quiet."
Current_Movies: "
And now signs that we're winding down: Peter Travers is leaving the festival."

Also, according to Eric Kohn: "
Gaspar Noe says #Sundance is 1st fest to play a finished version of [Enter the Void], gave me a ticket just so I can watch the opening credits."