There needs to be more mythological modernization in contemporary horror cinema. Drag Me to Hell attempted this, preferring to utilize the name Lamia, originally a Libyan queen who devoured her children and eventually became synonymous with a succubus, to describe a goat-like creature that dragged people to Hell (natch). This bastardization of a Greek mythological character hit close to home, so when I heard that another mythological creature, the satyr, was going to be making an appearance in an upcoming horror flick, I was quite intrigued.

Dark Hollow, based upon the horror novel by author Brian Keene, is set to begin production later this year and judging by the concept art and synopsis brought to our attention by Dread Central, it sounds like one Hell of a snazzy film.

"After two miscarriages, writer Adam Shay's marriage is on the rocks. On a walk through local woods rumored to be haunted, Adam come across a strange sight: a statue of a half-man, half-goat creature, a satyr from ancient legends, that comes to life before his eyes.

Soon, all the women in town begin disappearing, summoned to the woods by the satyr's hypnotic piping. When Adam gathers the menfolk to hunt down the satyr and save the women, what they uncover is an unholy evil bent on protecting itself and spreading its seed..."

Although I love anything mythological in film, the chance of it going wrong is incredibly high. Thankfully, these fears were assuaged when I took a look at the concept art featured on Brian Keene's website. Although some of the images are a little too...hokey looking for my tastes, the others, such as the one up there in the top right, give me hope that these overtlysexual creatures often associated with demonic entities will get the cinematic interpretation they deserve.

Behind the director's chair is Paul Campion, who directed the 2006 short film Night of the Hell Hamsters and served as a visual effects artist on films such as Lord of the RIngs and, perhaps appropriate for Dark Hollow, the upcoming Clash of the Titans redux. Click the image above to be taken to Brian Keene's website and see the rest of the concept art.
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