Iron Man 2

The operative phrase here is "bad ass." Bad ass hero, villain (I see Mickey Rourke is still hitting the gym) and sidekick (yup, we get to see a bit of War Machine). Scarlett Johansson is looking fine as Black Widow and I can't complain about the Iron Man dancing girls. Gary Shandling as a Senator Stern (possibly named for one-time Iron Man comic scribe Roger Stern?) is a nice touch too. Watch for this one on May 7.

Robin Hood
Ridley Scott has a gift for spectacle which is why this trailer manages to work so well with only a smidgen of voice over and no dialogue. Lots of stylish action on display for this latest adaptation of the classic tale which features Russell Crowe in the lead. The arrows start flying on May 14.

Shrek Forever After
The green-skinned ogre with the Scottish accent is tricked into a scam that changes history so that he has never met donkey or his lovely Fiona, and Shrek must set things right. While the first was the best I've yet to meet a Shrek movie I didn't like, so I'm hoping this one continues the trend. This one hits theaters on May 21.

The Runaways

Kristen Stewart stars as Joan Jett in this biopic of 70s all-girl rock band The Runaways. Dakota Fanning also stars as Cherie Currie and I'm curious to see how well Miss Fanning can play a bad ass rock and roller. Watch for it on March 19.

Hot Tub Time Machine
Four friends hit the hot tub at a ski resort not realizing its bubbly waters are a doorway to the past and find themselves in the 1980s. Cute slice of nostalgia or dumb as a box of rocks attempt at humor? It's hard to tell, though I like John Cusack so I'm pulling for him in this one. You can start adding the chlorine on March 19.

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