A whole bunch of casting rumors have arrived online this week, pushing some, like CHUD's ever-vocal Devin Faraci, to write an editorial-ish piece on why we shouldn't really be paying too much attention to these rumors because, well, they're rumors. And while your parents may have told you that rumors come from a stork who brings them in its mouth and drops them off on your pillow, the reality of the situation is that rumors can start from just about anywhere -- whether it's something overheard by some blabbermouth low-level assistant at an agency or something that's completely fabricated for more internet traffic (I'm looking at you The Sun and The Daily Express!), these days it's really hard to tell. That being said, rumors can be fun because they foster discussion and get those inner studio exec wheels turning in our brains, so here are a few making the rounds right now.

Spider-Man 4
Who: Julia Stiles
Role: Unknown, though with recent information somewhat confirming that Black Cat will be a character, folks are assuming she tried out for that part.
Source: UGO are the ones claiming Stiles met with a casting company in New York City to discuss joining the film in some capacity.
Our Thoughts: Stiles has been in a lot of films throughout her career, though she's dabbled in the big-budgeted before playing Jason Bourne's sidekick in all three Bourne movies. Thus, she definitely brings enough bad-assery to play a Spidey villain, and also enough sincerity to play a Spidey ally. Good choice for Black Cat in my opinion.

Who: Steve Carell
Role: The conductor of a chorus full of senior citizens who perform all classic pop and rock songs. The film will be based on the acclaimed documentary of the same name, and it'll be written by Will Reiser. (See our original story here)
Source: New to the scoop machine (and the main target of Faraci's article), Pajiba claims Carell is "seriously eying" the role, and that Stephen Daldry (Billy Elliot, The Hours, The Reader) has already signed on to direct.
Our Thoughts: It definitely makes sense that they'd want the main role in this film to be played by a younger, more commercial actor (or actress) since Hollywood is normally afraid of films packed with older talent. Carell would be hilarious to watch working off all the elderly singers, and Daldry -- who brought us the adorable Billy Elliot -- could be a perfect fit for the project. But is this a dream wish list for Working Title Films, or is this a reality? We shall see ...

Who: Michelle Pfeiffer
Role: Unknown, though there's a good chance she'd play some sort of vampire.
Source: The Film Experience Blog picked this one up straight from Vamps (and Clueless) director Amy Heckerling, who, at a dinner party, told the blog that she was hoping to snag her I Could Never Be Your Woman star for a part in the upcoming vampire-themed rom-com. [Read more about Vamps]
Our Thoughts: Why not? Krysten Ritter has already signed on for the film, which follows two female vampires who are faced with problematic romantic issues in modern-day New York. Since chances are the two leads will be younger, we could see Pheiffer as an older, hot motherly vampire? Heck, I'd watch it!

The Texas Killing Fields

Who: Bradley Cooper and Sam Worthington
Role: Unknown, though the script is said to be about two cops investigating a murder that may be connected to a series of notorious murders.
Source: Once again it's Pajiba behind this one, and they go on to claim not only that Cooper and Worthington will star, but that Michael Mann (who is producing) has signed up his daughter, Ami Mann, as director.
Our Thoughts: This was a project originally being looked at by Danny Boyle, who claimed it was a bit too dark for Hollywood. Perhaps some minds have changed, though, either because of a re-write or because of the Cooper-Worthington duo, but either way it sounds like a pretty wicked cop thriller ... if, ya know, the rumors are true.