In 'Twilight,' Edward (Robert Pattinson) and his clan of benevolent vamps were forced to protect Bella (Kristen Stewart) against hungry nomadic vampires. But if you thought they would be safe to enjoy their new romance, think again, and get ready for 'New Moon.'

In the second installment in 'The Twilight Saga,' Bella is attacked by one of Edward's own family members, Jasper. Despite his love for her, Edward feels that Bella is safer without him, and the Cullen family departs. Devastated by his departure, Bella falls into a deep depression and seeks comfort in the arms of her best friend, Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner). But vampires aren't the only supernatural force in Forks ... In 'Twilight,' Edward (Robert Pattinson) and his clan of benevolent vamps were forced to protect Bella (Kristen Stewart) against hungry nomadic vampires. But if you thought they would be safe to enjoy their new romance, think again, and get ready for 'New Moon.'

In the second installment in 'The Twilight Saga,' Bella is attacked by one of Edward's own family members, Jasper. Despite his love for her, Edward feels that Bella is safer without him, and the Cullen family departs. Devastated by his departure, Bella falls into a deep depression and seeks comfort in the arms of her best friend, Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner). But vampires aren't the only supernatural force in Forks ...

Confused? Well, that's why we've put together this character guide to help you navigate the bigger and scarier cast of 'New Moon.' Here, you'll meet the werewolves, the Volturi, the Cullens and the Blacks, and understand just what part they play in this romantic saga -- and whether you belong to "Team Edward" or "Team Jacob."
-- By Elisabeth Rappe

BELLA SWAN (Kristen Stewart)
The lovely heroine of 'The Twilight Saga,' Bella's life is turned upside down when she meets and falls in love with the immortal Edward Cullen. Their love is a tempestuous and threatening one, and the events of 'New Moon' force them to separate. Miscommunication and danger put their romance at risk, and Bella is forced to choose between her life, her love for Edward, and her fragile feelings for Jacob.

EDWARD CULLEN (Robert Pattinson)
As the vampire who launched a million fangirl shrieks, Edward Cullen needs no introduction. Born in 1901 Chicago, Edward was a normal turn-of-the-century boy until the Spanish Influenza epidemic of 1918. He fell ill, and his mother begged the attending physician to do anything in his power to cure him. The doctor just happened to be the vampire Carlisle Cullen, who turned the boy immortal. Edward became powerful, sexy, and telepathic. After a long period of moodiness, depression, and rebellion, Edward met Bella and became entranced by her, in part because he cannot read her thoughts. In 'New Moon,' he leaves her in order to protect her, and is driven to despair when he thinks he may have lost her forever.

JACOB BLACK (played by Taylor Lautner)
The hunk who inspired an anti-Edward team, Jacob is Bella's best friend. A Native American of the Quileute tribe, 'New Moon' finds him developing into a shape-shifting werewolf. He falls in love with Bella, and after Edward leaves her, she seeks comfort in his protective presence. 'New Moon' is as much Jacob's story as it is Bella and Edward's, for he finds himself dealing with his new abilities, his love for Bella, and his place in the fight between vampires and werewolves.

CARLISLE CULLEN (Peter Facinelli)
Carlisle is the head of the Cullen clan and founder of the Olympic Coven, where he presides as a kind and adoptive father to many of its members. He was born in the mid 17th century, and was a fervent hunter of vampires, werewolves, and other creatures of the night. As fate would have it, he was turned into a vampire. But he has resisted the impulse to feed from humans, and lives a "vegetarian" lifestyle off the blood of animals while pursuing a career of medicine. His Olympic Coven follows suit, which puts him at odds with the human hunting Volturi.

ALICE CULLEN (Ashley Greene)
A friendly, pixie-like vampire who loves shopping and home decorating, Alice doesn't fit into any stereotype you may have of a vampire. Ever since she was a human, she's had visions of the future, a power that has intensified since she became a vampire. She uses her gifts to aid the Cullens and Bella, who she loves like a sister. She's married to fellow vampire and coven member Jasper Hale.

Like all of the Cullens, Rosalie was saved from certain death by Carlisle, who turned her into a vampire in the hopes that she would become Edward's mate. Edward was uninterested, though he did love the beautiful Rosalie like a sister. Rosalie remained single until she rescued Emmett Cullen, who she loves passionately. Due to the resemblance between Rosalie and Jasper, they pose as twins, and use Rosalie's mortal surname to deflect mortal suspicion.

JASPER HALE (Jackson Rathbone)

Jasper was a major in the Confederate Army before being attacked and turned into a vampire by a wicked vampire named Maria. His military past and his ability to manipulate emotions make him the perfect leader for her vampire army, and Jasper helped conquer Texas as a feeding ground for bloodsuckers. Dissatisfied with such a violent way of life, he became a nomad until he met Alice and accompanied her to the Olympic coven where he posed as Rosalie's twin brother. While he is devoted to Alice and a vegetarian life, his past leaves him unpredictable, militaristic, and susceptible to the temptation of human blood. His attack on Bella in 'New Moon' is what spurs Edward to separate himself from her.

Emmett is a bit of a dark horse in the series, as his life prior to the Olympic Coven isn't fully explained. He entered the lives of the Cullens in 1935, when he was mauled by a bear in Tennessee. Found by Olympic Coven member Rosalie Hale, she brought him to Carlisle to be saved. Emmett was turned into a vampire, and after a period of adjusting to a "vegetarian" lifestyle, ended up falling in love with and marrying Rosalie. He's one of the strongest members of the coven, and is often spoiling for a fight.

ESME CULLEN (Elizabeth Reaser)

Esme is the wife of Carlisle, who saved her from a tragic and lonely life. She is remarkably beautiful, and Bella often compares her looks to "one of the ingenues of the silent movie era." She has nothing but love for all her adopted vampire children, but holds a special place in her heart for Edward. When he falls for Bella, she embraces the girl as her own daughter.

An organized, powerful, and aristocratic coven of vampires. Though not officially the royal family of the vampires, they still wield an enormous amount of influence and power over the immortal world. They seek to keep vampires a secret from the outside world, and to eradicate any threat to their kind from werewolves or humans. Edward stresses that they aren't villains, and that they stand for peace and civilization. But they are still threatening and dangerous, and relish the taste of human blood.

ARO VOLTURI (Michael Sheen)
Aro is the head and founder of the Volturi clan, the highest ranking of its three leaders. An ancient vampire, he has the ability to see all the thoughts a human or vampire has ever had with a single touch. His powers and his strong and ruthless hand have allowed the Volturi to rule the vampire world for centuries. He is willing to do anything to secure his position and the safety of his subjects, even if it means killing those he loves. Despite his cruel tendencies and eerie appearance, he's a polite and cheerful fellow.

CAIUS VOLTURI (Jamie Campbell-Bower)

Caius is an important and influential member of the Volturi, and one of its three leaders. An ancient vampire, his special abilities are unknown, but he is a particularly cruel vampire. He favors draconian methods and painful punishment, even against his own kind. He has a phobia of werewolves due to nearly being killed by one, and has made it a personal mission to eradicate them from the earth.

JANE VOLTURI (Dakota Fanning)
The twin brother sister of Alec, and a member of the Volturi Guard, Jane is small and childlike. Her angelic face hides a dark and sadistic nature, and delights in torture. She has the special gift of being able to mentally inflict pain and torment. Survivors describe it as being burned from the inside out. Such a talent makes her indispensable to Aro and the Volturi in their battles. She and Bella hate each other on sight.

ALEC VOLTURI (Cameron Bright)
Alec is a member of the Volturi, and one of their highest ranking guards. His appearance is that of a beautiful, angelic 13-year-old boy .... if angels had blood-red eyes, of course. He and his twin sister Jane both possess lethal powers (something which endeared them to Aro even before he turned them immortal), and can fight any opponent regardless of size or ability. Alec's gift is particularly potent, as it is a kind of misty anesthetic that can cut off a person's senses, rendering them lifeless. He can use it on multiple people at the same time, which comes in handy when the Volturi are hunting prey, or wiping out their enemies.

MARCUS VOLTURI (Christopher Heyerdahl)
Marcus is one of the three Volturi leaders, but is a bored and apathetic member of the coven after losing his mate, Didyme. Unbeknownst to Marcus, Didyme was killed by her brother Aro specifically to keep him tied to the Volturi. While Marcus has little interest in anything, he remains loyal to the clan, and uses his gifts to help them. His power is the ability to see relationships and the ties between their opponents, which he can exploit in politics and battle.

DEMETRI VOLTURI (Charlie Bewley)
A member of the Volturi guard, little is known about Demetri except for his superhuman skills of tracking and fighting. He catches the "scent" of a person through their thoughts, and can track them from anywhere in the world.

SAM ULEY (Chaske Spencer)
Sam is one of the first Quileute boys to shift into a werewolf, and is the Alpha Male of the pack. To outsiders, it seemed as though he was leading a gang or a cult. Often volatile and violent, he even attacked his own fiancee and left her badly scarred. But he feels deep regret at his actions, and his inherent goodness does lead him to do the right thing by Bella.

PAUL (Alex Meraz)
One of Jacob's fellow werewolves, Paul is the most volatile member of the pack. Prone to angry outbursts, he puts Bella's life in danger, and forces Jacob to turn on a member of his own pack.

EMBRY CALL (Kiowa Gordon)
Embry is a member of the Quileute tribe, and has the power to shape-shift into a wolf. He is one of Jacob's wingmen, and part of the young werewolf pack that is protecting Forks from its resident vampires. He's friendly with Bella, admires her strength, and calls her "vampire girl."

CHARLIE SWAN (Billy Burke)
Charlie is Bella's long-suffering father. He has no idea that his daughter's brooding boyfriend is a vampire, or that his friend Billy heads up a tribe of werewolves. 'New Moon' finds him particularly hurt and confused because he's unable to help his broken-hearted daughter.

LAURENT (played by Edi Gathegi)
Laurent is a dangerous, nomadic vampire. He originally found his way to Forks in a small and vicious coven consisting of himself, James, and Victoria. Laurent betrayed James and Victoria to the Cullens, but can't resist coming after Bella again in 'New Moon.' In Edward's absence, it falls to Jacob and his wolf pack to protect her.

VICTORIA (Rachelle Lefevre)
A nomadic vampire, Victoria fell in love with fellow loner James. She, James, and Laurent formed a coven, and fate brought them to Forks, Washington. They took on the Cullens for Bella and lost, and James was killed. Victoria seeks revenge for her lover's loss, and is determined to kill Bella. Luckily, the Quileute werewolves stand between this vicious vampire and her prey.

ANGELA WEBER (Christian Serratos)
With so many supernatural beings running around the 'Twilight' series, it's easy to forget that Forks, Washington still has human inhabitants. One of these is Angela Weber, who provides a bit of normalcy to Bella's troubled life. In 'New Moon,' she becomes one of Bella's best friends thanks to being calm, kind, and non-judgmental. A girl needs that kind of support when dealing with vampires and werewolves.

BILLY BLACK (Gil Birmingham)
The original member of "Team Jacob," Billy is Jacob's father and an elder of the Quileute tribe. His friendship with Bella's father, Charlie, leads him to take a protective role in her life. He himself is not a werewolf, but he goes to great lengths to protect his son and his tribe's shape-changing secret.

EMILY YOUNG (Tinsel Korey)
Emily is like a mother to the young wolf pack, though she has suffered for it. Her fiancee, Sam Uley, lost his temper and attacked her in werewolf form. She is badly scarred as a result.

QUIL ATEARA (Tyson Houseman)

Of the entire wolf pack, Quil is the most happy to be a werewolf.

An elder of the Quileute Tribe, and father of Leah and Seth Clearwater. Harry teams up with Billy to protect Charlie Swan from the vampires prowling around Forks, Washington. In 'New Moon' he dies of a heart attack, brought on by the strain of seeing his children shape-shift into wolves.