The Nightmare on Elm Street reboot is cause for much consternation on account of the fact that A) It's a remake, B) It's a remake by Platinum Dunes, C) It's a remake of a beloved classic, and D) It's a remake by Platinum Dunes. That last one deserved two spots.

Although the film doesn't open in theaters until April 30th, the interwebs are all a-twitter over how the film might turn out. Well, Ain't It Cool News gave us a heads up on a review submitted by "Skin Peeler" of a test-screening of the film in El Segundo last week, and suffice it to say, the review leans more on the side of negative than it does positive.

On the positive side, the film is touted as being darker than its predecessor, something that could go either way among viewers: "Bay and the director obviously wanted to Dark Knight/Saw it up by adding a layer of grit and reality to A Nightmare on Elm Street. The art and makeup departments did an excellent job. Freddy looks like a freakish burn victim, many of the dream and flashback scenes are dark and have that Silent Hill feel."

This sounds like a good thing to me. While I enjoyed the snarkiness of classic Freddy, I do like the notion of updating the character to be darker and more real. Plus, anything compared to Silent Hill (a horrible film but epically creepy in its execution) in terms of inherent creepiness is A-OK by me.
Positive things were said about Jackie Earle Haley's performance as Krueger as well: "You can tell Jackie Earle Haley is giving his all with the lines he is given. Kruger (sp) was never a Pinhead or Hannibal when it came to dialog, and I know they were going for a more serious slant this time, but he had a confidence that made you know you were f*cked since he had you in his world and Haley works with what he is given. Haley's portrayal will no doubt be compared to Robert Englund's performance."

On the negative end: "This film is chock-full of heart-stopping jump out and scare you moments...the audience was definitely given some jumps, however it's overdone and hides the lack of any real horror."

This sounds like a bad thing. A very, very bad thing. Other concerns center around the terrible casting, edits that lend more to a PG-13 film than an R, and a distinct lack of iconic scenes; however, in the end, the potential is apparently there, and Mr. Skin Peeler thinks that with some smart editing room decisions, the film could turn out to be a solid effort.

Head on over to AICN for the full report.
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