Despite the show being about a vampire, a werewolf, and a ghost that all share the same apartment, don't be alarmed if you haven't heard of the TV show "Being Human". It started off as a 6-episode series on Britain's BBC Three, where it proved successful enough for an 8-episode second season on BBC One, a channel with a far larger audience pool. While the second season has not yet aired in England, the first season has been enjoying a small run on BBC America, an offshoot of the Beeb that serves as a time-delayed Greatest Hits network for us Yanks not good enough to see the shows as they air.

Since "Being Human" focuses on three young co-ed supernaturals and their day-to-day exploits with trying to live normal lives while being so abnormal, it was only natural that the Syfy channel had been keeping an eye on it. Now everyone's favorite guilty-pleasure network has officially announced that they will be remaking the show for the States. Syfy has thrown down an opening commitment to 13 episodes, with the plan on debuting the show some time in the second half of 2010.

While I'll confess I hadn't pegged "Being Human" as a show that American audiences would love to see localized - it's good, but it's not great - I'm honestly not all that surprised. Save for a few straggling shows, Syfy has all-but-given-up on producing heavy hitting science fiction, turning instead to Monster-of-the-Week format comedy/fantasy hybrids like "Eureka" and "Warehouse 13", which is the kind of ground "Being Human"'s first season haunts. Personally I hope the network keeps the slightly darker vibe that runs through the BBC show, instead of running it through their wackiness optimizer.

Only about a year's wait will tell if Syfy has completed a conversion or fumbled once again; which I'm sure is long enough for devotees wishing Syfy would make more science fiction shows and die hard fans of the oiriginal "Being Human" (as the show will soon be called) to stomp their feet in protest.
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