As a movie junkie, I am a big supporter of Hulu. And frankly, I am sick to death of the complaints I keep hearing about it: "the movies are mostly crap" or "it's hard to watch on your computer" or "what is Hulu and why are you going door to door handing out literature on it?" It all gets pretty tiring. But I suppose I am in a prime position to maximize Hulu's benefits.

I have some of the greatest video stores in the world at my disposal, as well as streaming Netflix on my XBox. So for me, Hulu represents a fun third option that bears no financial obligations or time constraints. To wit, I have scoured the feature horror films available on Hulu today and put together a Vincent Price triple threat: House on Haunted Hill, Last Man on Earth, and Dr. Phibes Rises Again.

House on Haunted Hill

Great film. Directed by the master of the horror film gimmick, William Castle, House on Haunted Hill delivers the wit along with the weird. The opening of the film is genuinely scary as we sit in total darkness and hear disembodied screams. There are also a couple of jump scares that are surprisingly effective. But the best part of the film by far is the dysfunctional relationship between Vincent Price's character and his wife. As bad as the remake was, it did uphold the spirit of these two and how much they adore to loathe one another. Overall, the film is fantastic and terribly fun and watching William Castle play with practical, Halloween-y effects is something special.

The Last Man on Earth

The first movie adaptation of Richard Matheson's phenomenal "I Am Legend" story, The Last Man on Earth features Vincent Price as Robert Neville (or Morgan in this case, for some reason). While Vincent Price isn't exactly able to pull of the badass action hero persona, it is fascinating to watch him adapt to a world sans humanity and overrun with zombies. Unlike Omega Man, the second film incarnation, the zombies don't talk however one or two of them do call out Morgan's name in the night creating a chilling atmosphere. The film is not very well paced and does lag in the middle, but watching Vincent Price fight back hordes of the undead is something you never want to miss.

Dr. Phibes Rises Again

I'm going to admit, this one is a wild card. I have not seen this film. I am a big fan of the first Dr. Phibes film, The Abominable Dr. Phibes, but I never got around to watching the sequel. The original is a great revenge horror film with a darker, more sinister edge to it than the majority of Vincent Price's films. The death scenes are elaborate, spiteful and so awesome. There is also some fantastic makeup work in the film and Vincent Price's performance is great. As to the sequel, I have heard it is not quite up to par with the first film; illogical as that may sound. But with a returning director, Mr. Price reprising his titular role, and the inclusion of Peter Cushing I am on board.

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