I'll give you a few details and some material from the press release right here ... but I've made an executive decision to place the brand-new poster for Frankie Latina's Modus Operandi beneath the jump -- but only because it's slightly "adult" in nature. Anyway, this flick sounds like a weird one, and of course I mean that in the nicest way possible.

Described by the Las Vegas Weekly as "a James Bond film directed by Ed Wood," the 8mm Modus Operandi is about ... heck, I'll let the press notes tell you: "Two briefcases with mysterious contents are stolen from top Presidential candidate Squire Parks, setting off a deadly series of double-crosses and betrayals. Desperate warring factions of subterranean organizations will stop at nothing to gain possession of the sensitive material. A covert branch of the CIA calls on notorious black ops agent Stanley Cashay, who has been barely existing in a semi-comatose twilight since the murder of his wife. Cashay is offered the identity of his wife's killer in exchange for locating and returning the cases." And it gets even crazier after that! (More post-jump.)

What has me intrigued is the responses from folks like Eric Kohn at IndieWire ("A mondo B-movie that holds nothing back ... Modus Operandi is a movie utterly content with its own insanity.") and Stephen Zeitchik of The Hollywood Reporter ("It bursts with campiness and odes to '70s movie outrageousness.") Sounds right up my alley.

Check post-jump for the poster premiere and more of that rather amusing plot synopsis...
Synopsis continued...

Agent Cashay uses the most dangerous weapons at his command, the telephone and his reputation, to unleash a bizarre assortment of operatives, including the deliciously sleazy Casey Thunderbird and exotic Tokyo-based special agent Black Licorice. Along with scores of other beguiling rogues, they initiate a horrifying chain of events, including ruthless torture and brutal killings. When Cashay is finally in possession of the stolen materials, the contents of the briefcases shock even him, and he makes a decision that will change the course of history.

(There was a third paragraph, but it gets a little spoilery.) And now ... that poster:

Modus Operandi will play AFI Fest in Los Angeles next month. For more info on the film (which, by the way, features Mark Borchardt and Danny Treho), click right here.