Everyone who has ever owned a red and green striped sweater has at one point in their life contemplated dressing up as Freddy Krueger for Halloween. But while some think that all they need is a sweater and a make-shift claw, there's a lot more that goes into a clever Krueger Halloween costume -- and last thing you want is for your sorry ass to bumble into a costume party and have everyone go, "Soooo, you're dressed up as ... Santa's mutilated bastard child?"

For that reason (and for that reason alone), we here at Horror Squad have decided to pull together the 10 worst Freddy Krueger costumes we could find online so that this year on Halloween, none of our faithful readers will embarrass themselves (not to mention one of horror's greatest all-time villains) by wearing some half-assed Krueger get-up.

Check them out after the jump.

10. Did anyone tell this kid not to buy his Freddy Krueger costume at the dollar store?

9. Okay, this is what the contestants on Project Runway think a Freddy Krueger costume should look like. Yup, we'd vomit too if we saw that reflection in the mirror.

8. Soooo ... is that pizza on your face or are you just really that stupid?

7. Okay, the Freddy costume here is pretty horrific, but what in the hell is the other chick supposed to be dressed up as -- a book signing gone awry?

6. God, it's like Freddy gained 40 pounds and came down with a serious case of skin cancer.

5. After 60 years of drinking whiskey and smoking six packs a day, this could be you!

4. Um ...

3. And here's Freddy as a Frat Boy with a pint of Coors Light

2. Verne Troyer's screen test from the Elm St. remake. He didn't get the job.

1. Muppet Freddy! And it does windows.
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