The French film Inside, though clearly not a film for everyone, has remained consistently popular since its American release on DVD a little over a year ago. Detractors of the film cite it as nothing more than torture porn, that much maligned pseudo-subgenre that may or may not exist, though these individuals are clearly in the minority. The film currently holds a 92% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, an impressive feat for any film, let alone a horror movie about a woman who will do absolutely anything to get at a widow's unborn baby. And I do mean anything.

In that minority falls one Count Vardulon, a precocious young scamp from Canada who runs the fantastic film/TV blog Castle Vardulon. I stumbled across his site after doing research on the film, and was immediately drawn to the fact that A) His review was LONG, and B) He used the f-word or one of its many variations an astounding 239 times in one review, and C) He recorded a reading of the review to accompany the written one. Here's an excerpt, but be warned, it contains slightly censored bad language:

"F**k you for assuming that just because the majority of this hypergore was directed at a pregnant woman people would be so distracted by your transgressing of social mores that they wouldn't notice that you'd written an awful f***ing movie, full of the stupidest, most illogical, f***ing unbelievable actions any people have ever taken in a film."

Whether or not you agree with review or his style, one cannot doubt his passionate hatred for the film, and it's because of this I felt he would be the perfect person with which to debate the merits of the film. So queue up the movie (hit play at the 00:00 mark of the film), grab a drink, and listen to two nerds battle it out while the blood flows.