I really have nothing to say about Deadgirl other than the movie is vile and why anyone thought a film that features incredibly graphic and extended sequences of rape would be a good idea is beyond me. While rape scenes are no stranger to horror or thrillers (Irreversible anyone?), this film centered on the subject, and for that it draws my ire.

For a quick recap: two boys, Rickie and J.T., find a girl tied up in an abandoned mental hospital. Instead of getting help, J.T. rapes her. Repeatedly. Then he gets his friends to rape her. Then more people. Repeat ad nauseam. Literally.

Despite this, it does lend itself perfectly to our series of Fates Worse Than Death, as it contains not one but two different instances of death envy. Spoilers within. You have been warned.

First off we have the dead girl herself. Except she's not really dead, she's a zombie. Sure, she doesn't mope around looking for brains to devour, but that could just be because she's chained to a table. She's also able to withstand several gunshots to the torso. All of this, for some reason I still have yet to discern, serves as perfect reasons to rape the poor girl repeatedly and for days on end. To add insult to injury we soon learn she is very aware of what's happening to her despite her zombie status. For that alone death can not come quick enough for her.

While her unfortunate fate is certainly one that's worse than death, we also have to give a special mention to Johnny, whose fate, although deserved, comes in a close second behind the titular dead girl's. You see, Johnny is a bully. After beating up Rickie for staring at his girlfriend JoAnn, J.T.'s friend Wheeler flips out and declares "we don't need your f**king cheerleading whore...because we got our own f**king whore," Johnny and his lackey literally kidnap the two and force them to show where they're keeping the dead girl.

Once there, Johnny and his buddy proceed to rape her, but things don't go as planned. Johnny, in his first round of horrible luck, gets bit on a place no teeth should venture. Shortly after this occurs, he begins to feel....unwell, culminating in what he thinks is going to be ordinary BM but actually turns out to be the complete evacuation of his guts through his anus.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go shower, 'cause I just feel dirty.
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