The hooker with a heart of gold is a Hollywood staple, but usually when we're talking about the 'pay to play' types, we're dealing with the female species. So who better to take a role as 'man candy' than Chris Evans? I mean, just look to your right -- is it any surprise he's the crush of girls and guys everywhere? In an interview with Prestige, Sharon Stone told them she would be working with Evans in the somewhat poorly named drama, Satisfaction, where Evans will play a male prostitute whose career has hit the skids.

According to Stone, the story will center on Evans' character as he's beginning to lose his cache with his agency, but when he hooks up with a new client (played by Stone), his career soon begins to take off again. This is no Pretty Woman tale, though, because what starts off as a partnership between the two turns into a vicious battle of the sexes ... with plenty of, ahem, sex.

Evans is still filming the comic book adaptation The Losers, but then it's off to start work on Satisfaction which will start shooting this January on location in Europe.

After the jump: Evans joins the ranks of these famous Hollywood hustlers...

1. American Gigolo

Personally, I probably wouldn't have paid good money for Richard Gere, but hey, it was the 80's and they were into that 'feathered' look. Gigolo was the story of a hustler who is dragged into a murder conspiracy and finds love with one of his clients (played by Lauren Hutton), and was part of Paul Schrader's 'Night Workers' films. So even though Gere's hustler wasn't my type, at least he could help you pick out something to wear.

2. Midnight Cowboy

Cowboy starred Jon Voight as a hapless hustler in the big city, with possibly the worst pimp in history by his side. The film was probably the first mainstream film to directly discuss the life of a male prostitute (even an unsuccessful one) -- and let's just say it doesn't end well.

3. My Own Private Idaho

This loose adaptation of Henry IV starred probably two of the prettiest hustlers you could ever hope to see on your doorstep: River Phoenix and Keanu Reeves. But, if you're are looking for gritty realism, you probably aren't going to dig Gus Van Sant's dreamy and abstract tale.

4. Sonny

This 2002 film was Nicolas Cage's directorial debut, and it starred James Franco as a man who returns to his prostitute roots after a stint in the army to please his Madam of a mother (played by Brenda Blethyn). The film wasn't well received by most critics, but if you're looking for 'over the top', then brother, this film delivers.

5. Breakfast at Tiffany's

There are a long list of plot elements that were 'sanitized' from Truman Capote's Breakfast at Tiffany's novel before it could be transferred to the big screen -- but one that did survive the censors is the oh-so-subtle insinuation that *Fred (George Peppard) is a 'kept man' (and we all know what that means in 60's speak).

*Correction: Peppard's character went by the name, Paul "Fred" Varjak

Who are some of your favorite on-screen hustlers?