The Boys are back in town - Toronto, that is - and we got a chance to sit down and talk with John Paul Tremblay (Julian), Rob Wells (Ricky), and Mike Smith (Bubbles) a few days before their latest and last 'Trailer Park Boys' movie opens across Canada.

'Trailer Park Boys: Countdown to Liquor Day' finds the boys applying for parole after their latest arrest, but this time it's different. Julian insists he's going to go on the straight-and-narrow, Ricky wants to finally get his Grade 12 equivalency, and Bubbles goes on a crusade to save his cats, which were taken by the SPCA during his jail stint. Trailer park hilarity ensues when the boys return home to discover things aren't at all like they were before.

Normally, the guys conduct interviews in character, but they're tired (and I think a bit hungover), so I get the privilege to talk with the men behind the boys. They're all very friendly, and I must say, it's a treat to see Mike Smith without the glasses - even though he spends the majority of the interview tapping away at his BlackBerry.

Are you guys tired or what?

JPT: Yeah, we're wiped, but we're used to it.

RW: Nah, I'm OK...a bit.

MS: [Tap...tap...tap]

I think I'm your last interview.

RW: Oh, really? Nice.

MS: That's f---ing good. I've been holding back all f---ing day, so I'm letting 'er rip now.

You guys opened up the Atlantic Film Festival. [The boys pulled a fast one and went to see the 'premier' - get it?] What was that like?

MS: Yeah, we went to the Nova Scotia Legislature to see the Premier.

RW: It actually went really well. He was going to come see the movie, but they were in sessions. He took it better than we expected.

What do you think about Toronto? You like being here?

JPT: I like Toronto. It's a good time.

MS: I always drink excessively when I'm here.

RW: It usually takes a few days to recover when we get home. There's lots of stuff to do here, anyway.

A lot of East Coasters say that they hate Toronto.

RW: I'm not saying I could ever live here, but I do like coming here.

MS: It's no Halifax, but it's a fun city.

JPT: I'm a big Toronto Maple Leafs fan, so it's great to see some games. Wait. Have we ever been to Toronto?

RW: I think we're in Toronto right now!

MS: That's f---ed up.

You guys are in jail - again - in this movie. It must be getting old for you.

JPT: Well, it's kind of fun in there, actually. Lots of booze, lots of drugs.

RW: Jail is awesome.

MS: One of my friends was just in jail, for real, and he said it's insane how many drugs are in there. Like, the guards don't even try to stop it anymore.

RW: Well, some friends of mine were in jail too - and they're given certain amounts of money to buy groceries every week - and they ended up spending it all on dope and liquor, rather than buying food!

Mike, it seems like Bubbles gets some action in this movie.

MS: [Tap...tap...tap] Yeah. Looks like Bubbles may finally find a girlfriend.

RW: Finally.

What do you guys think about East Coast women?

RW: They're beautiful, old-fashioned, and easy to please.

MS: [Laughs] There are some doozies out there.

The best line in the movie is in the first five minutes - 'something's f---y.' The whole theatre was laughing out loud.

JPT: [Laughs]

MS: That line is getting a big laugh. I didn't think anything of it when I said it.

RW: We've said 'f---y' many times before. It's bizarre.

Any thoughts on Kanye West's recent escapades at the MTV Video Awards?

MS: I think it was totally staged. If you watch the tape closely, it cuts to Beyonce about half a second before he says her name to get her reaction, so something's a little off there. I've heard that Taylor [Swift] was in on it, too. Beyonce was the saint, Taylor got all this extra press, and Kanye has an album coming out soon, with Jay-Z, Beyonce's husband. I think it's genius. It's the best way to do marketing now, to stage stuff.

What's up next for you guys?

JPT: We're working on a new television show, it's in production right now. Another comedy, a half-hour.

You'll still be working together, all three of you?

RW: Yeah, the three of us.

The fans will like that, that you're not disbanding.

RW: Well, it's completely different. There's a lot of prosthetics and a ton of makeup to change our looks drastically.

Robb, are you getting rid of your sideburns?

RW: In the new show, we're playing about seven or eight characters each. Completely change our looks up.

Are you going to be playing women at any point?

JPT: I bet at some point we'll be playing women, for sure.

Is it 'Kids in the Hall'-esque?

MS: No, it's not sketch comedy. It's more like a comedic soap opera. It's like a serial. [At this point, Mike shows a picture of one of his characters, an 143-year-old man, replete with thinning hair and thick glasses]

Man, you can't get rid of the glasses!

MS: Yep, I've still got the glasses.

So do you guys play a bunch of old coots?

MS: Nope - I'm the old guy, and he's my grandson, and he plays my great-grandson.

Are you going to miss playing the Trailer Park Boys?

RW: I'm going to miss it, yeah. The cast, the crew, everyone I work with. I'll definitely miss playing the character.

JPT: We'll still get to play the characters, I guess...we do still have the live show.

RW: Hopefully we'll reunite and do something at some point.

JPT: At least we're ending it on a high note. It's been a great 10 years, but all great things have to come to an end.

MS: No they don't. I'd prefer to keep doing it. We only did 50-something episodes. There's still a ton of s--t to mine out of it, I think. There are many more directions we could have gone in, but oh well, that's just the way it is. [Starts singing 'That's Just the Way It Is' by Bruce Hornsby]

'Trailer Park Boys: Countdown to Liquor Day' opens across Canada on September 25.