Celeb Sightings: News is starting to ring in from the movie after-parties, and Eye Weekly's rundown grabbed some interesting bits. Like Sook-Yin Lee, star of Shortbus and director of this year's Year of the Carnivore, was drilling attendees about their first orgasms and bad babysitting experiences. And was George Clooney giving one-on-one lip service to Goats party caterers? Meanwhile ... an Italian film producer lost a load of cash and an important script when his bag was stolen at the Four Seasons, Keanu Reeves got asked for his thoughts on the death of Patrick Swayze, Johnnie To signs autographs, and Lassie got her own red carpet comic.

Our Coverage: We've got two new reviews up in the last 24 hours. First up, Erik Davis' take on Michael Cera and his Youth in Revolt. Erik's a big fan of the book, and he says: "it's practically impossible to smash 499 pages of dark comedic brilliance into an hour and a half on the big screen, and, as such, Youth in Revolt (the film) definitely ends up feeling disjointed and forced in some areas -- but thanks to a wickedly hilarious performance from Michael Cera (easily the best of his career), this brainy teenage sex comedy does manage to dole out a handful of great scenes, making it worthy of your hard-earned box office dollars ... but only if you promise to read the book afterwards." And next, Scott Weinberg caught the absolutely wonderful Get Low, and he said it's "an excellent little dramatic piece that's awash in humanity, warmth, insight, and wit." (Keep an eye out for it!)

Deals, Tweets and More Blog News After the Jump

indieWIRE Love: Our friends on the wire continue to churn out the TIFF bits. Anna Kendrick, who's on fire at the fest, talked to the site about Jason Reitman's powers of intuition and how awesome Mr. Clooney is. In an hour-long special TIFF conversation, Chris Rock talked about hair and his new doc. But best of all, the site has whipped up a handy run-down of how notable critics have ranked this year's selection.

Tweets, Other Blogs, and Treats: The CBC talks short films and the selections of Short Cuts Canada. (But stay tuned for a short-film dispatch in the coming days right here!) And remember those TIFF protests and the kerfuffle over the panel of Tel Aviv-based films? Roger Ebert weighs in with his thoughts, saying: "The protest is misguided and destructive."

Our friends over at Twitch have interviewed the lovely Guy Maddin, one of the coolest dudes this side of the 42nd parallel, and reviewed the tough-chick fest Bitch Slap. "Bitch Slap is all about the surface appeal, all about delivering a good time to fans who like their entertainment a little on the trashy side. And that it absolutely does, the film paying off at a level slightly above expectations - expectations that were already fairly high based on the stellar trailers."

James Rocchi got chipper: "It's times like now when an hour between engagements hangs like the condemned man's weight in the grip of the hangman's noose. #TIFF09"

Could Toronto beat Cannes when it comes to donations to amfAR ... even if Josh Hartnett doesn't get naked?

Deals: A deal has come for Colin Firth! After an all-night negotiation, indieWIRE reports that A Single Man has been snatched up by The Weinstein Company, who will get it in theaters later this year -- just in time for the Oscar race, of course.

Some films, well, their deals come much later.