- Finally! ABC has canceled the awful space soap Defying Gravity. To be fair, I stopped watching about four episodes in, but the show seemed to get worse every week. Did things ever turn around after that, or did it deserve the ax after only eight eps?

- Super hot movie star (or guy in need of a job, it's kinda hard to tell) Jeffrey Dean Morgan says he'd like to reprise his role as Pa Winchester on The CW's Supernatural. "If it really is going to be canceled after this year, I'd like to come back," he told SciFi Wire.

- Bad news, Battlestar Galactica fans. It looks like the Caprica cancellation rumors are starting to turn up, even though the series has yet to premiere on Syfy. I loved the two-hour DVD premiere, and I think the show could turn out to be just as good as BSG.

More TV news after the jump.

- Jason Bateman, star of the brilliant coming of age story Teen Wolf Too, gives some advice to whoever MTV picks to star in its upcoming TV version of the '80s werewolf flick franchise. Watch the video below:

- Wanna watch creepy genre actor Julian Sands mutilate Sherilyn Fenn? Rent Boxing Helena. Wanna watch hin play Superman's dad? Tune into Smallville's upcoming season nine. Sands has been cast to play a young Jor-El for at least one episode.

- With Stargate Universe set to premiere next month, SG-1 star Amanda Tapping said a new straight-to-DVD SG-1 movie could begin production later this year. No real news on that promised Stargate Atlantis flck.

- And finally ... Our boy Joss Whedon won his first Emmy for Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog! And here's a sneak peek at a scene from the new season of Dollhouse, which kicks off Sept. 25 on Fox.

Is it me, or is this clip teasing an Echo/Whiskey romance?