I realize I'm a few days late on sharing this gorgeous poster for Ti West's upcoming The House of the Devil, but that's only because the last few days of my life have been not unlike that of Peter MacNicol's in Ghostbusters II. Only just now have I found myself capable of crawling out from under its commanding gaze and returning to a daily routine.

The vintage poster is a long sought after art form, but few ever nail it the way The House of the Devil does. And if some weirdo named Scott Weinberg is to be believed, few modern films ever pull off the "fell out of a wormhole from the '70s" persona the way The House of the Devil does. From his review at FEARnet:

"It's what we expect from horror films that Ti West loves to play with, and his latest (best) flick is a stripped-down, no-frills, effortlessly '70s-ish occult thriller that's in no real hurry to get to the mayhem. One anticipates numerous reviews that dismiss House of the Devil as "draggy, slow, and boring," as if it takes a critic like Kael to see that Ti West is working under his usual m.o. (Definitely give his Trigger Man a spin if you want to get acclimated to West's laconic yet icy approach.) To knock this movie for being slow is like knocking Airplane! for being silly. You might not dig the approach, but that doesn't make it a flaw."

The House of the Devil is making the rounds at all manner of film festival, so check your local favorite (I'll be catching it at Fantastic Fest). If, however, Magnet Releasing doesn't bring it by your way between now and it's non-fest theatrical push in October, you'll be able to catch it OnDemand in September.

Big thanks to NY Mag for giving the Internet a poster that caused me to black out for several days. I'm now scanning the local police blotter to make sure no babysitters have been killed in the interim.
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