You have to feel a bit sorry for Jason Bateman, Mike Judge, and anyone else who walked the red carpet -- or worked it, for that matter -- before the Extract world premiere in Austin on Tuesday night. It was triple-digit weather, the red carpet was outdoors, and even in the shade at 7:30 pm it was impossible not to be sweaty. Or glowing, as polite people say. Still, Bateman, who stars in the comedy, and Judge, who wrote and directed it, smiled and posed for photos and granted short interviews to any number of TV stations and news outlets.

I had interviewed Judge earlier in the day, which was a lot of fun and which I'll share with you when Extract opens in theaters on September 4. Therefore I spent my red-carpet time taking photos. I was pleased that we were able to get Bateman and Judge to pose together. Peter Martin, who attended the Dallas premiere the next night, has some great quotes from Judge's Q&A that evening, if you can't wait to hear more about the film.

That guy in the green shirt in the background is another Austin filmmaker, Richard Linklater. Here's a closer look:

Linklater's latest movie, Me and Orson Welles, had a "secret screening" at SXSW this year. I liked it very much -- I'm a sucker for anything set in the 1930s -- and was pleased to hear Linklater say it would be released starting around Thanksgiving this year. Zac Efron fans should also be thrilled, as he stars in the film.

While the rest of us were roasting, a couple of women on the red carpet seemed cool as cucumbers. Friday Night Lights actress Dana Wheeler-Nicholson, who also had a role in Linklater's Fast Food Nation, nearly slipped past some photographers unnoticed because she changed her hair color from blonde. Perhaps she wanted to match her companion, musician Patty Griffin:

I suspect everyone was happy to get inside the wonderfully air-conditioned Paramount for the premiere screening, which included a very cool Q&A from Bateman and Judge. Austin Metblogs has a good summary of the session, moderated by Alamo Drafthouse co-founder Tim League.