Bah .... Universal Studios has missed a chance for awesomeness. Variety reports that for the theme park's Halloween Horror Nights this October, they will be producing Rocky Horror Picture Show: A Tribute. Described as a "mini-musical," one can assume that means a quick tribute to the freakier pieces of the film and its classic songs. But having clicked through because of the title "Rocky rolls Universal Halloween," my hopeful brain was thinking about a Rocky ride.

Can you imagine it? You get clicked into wheelchairs with a metal piece that looks like a blanket, get time-warped through the craziness, and in the end, a magic mirror makes it look like you've got fishnets and stilettos underneath those "blanket" safety bars. (Yes, I'm imagining it as a Rocky Horror spoof of the Haunted Mansion.) Imagining something like that, a simple ol' stage tribute just isn't the same.
Unfortunately, that's the luck of movie-themed attractions. They're not going to go for the alternative, cult, and left-of-dial fare when they can zoom people Back to the Future or travel to Jurassic Park. Blockbuster films will obviously make better mainstream attractions. But that can't stop a girl from dreaming, or thinking about the alternative possibilities.

What other rides could a movie-led theme park have? Imagine a Body Wars-type ride in Watchmen's Archie as the heroes try to save the day during dangerous riots. An aquatic adventure led by Steve Zissou. A post-apocalyptic journey with Tank Girl. Or, better yet, a creepy, eerie ride through the unique and chilling world of David Lynch.

If you grab any niche movie and make it into a ride, what movie would it be and what would it look like?
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