Bad-ass guinea pigs try to save the world in the family-friendly comedy 'G-Force,' and bumbling politicians try to do the same in the hilarious political satire 'In the Loop.'

Movie Recommendations for July 24


If you've got kids, this save-the-world action-adventure should be right up your alley. That's right, the talking guinea pig super spies save the entire globe from a takeover by household appliances. 'Hangover' breakout Zach Galifianakis is the scientist behind the team; he manages to get in a few good lines, so parents should keep an ear out for that. -- Angie Argabrite

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In the Loop'In the Loop'

The behind-closed-doors lead-up to the Iraq War gets a comically fictionalized spin in this sharp and incisive comedy from across the pond that's like 'Wag the Dog' meets 'No End in Sight.' Told through the eyes of a bilateral ensemble -- most notably, a bumbling British cabinet member (Tom Hollander), his new aide (Chris Addison), a senior U.S. military officer (James Gandolfini) and a State Department assistant (Anna Chlumsky) -- it's a hilarious and scary (or hilariously scary?) vision of government. In their world, the atmosphere is frenzied, the bureaucrats run amok, the power players are shifty and the political digs are subtle but sharp. And sadly, none of it seems all that far-fetched. -- Kevin Polowy

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