Johnny Depp makes the gangster life look good in 'Public Enemies,' and that adorable prehistoric squirrel Scratte finds love -- and laughs -- in 'Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs.' Read our reviews of these new flicks, and get more movie recommendations for the Fourth of July weekend.

Movie Recommendations for July 4th Weekend

Public Enemies'Public Enemies'

There's relatively little "bio" but a whole lot of "pic" in director Michael Mann's new John Dillinger flick that's more red-blooded actioner than biopic. Johnny Depp is magnetic as the Depression-era bank-robber-turned-folk hero, who audiences never really get to know but will root for anyway; Christian Bale is awesome as usual as the dashing FBI agent hot on his tail; and Marion Cotillard is flat-out lovely as Dillinger's main squeeze Billie Frechette. And the nighttime Tommy gun shootout in the Wisconsin woods? Let's just say 'Heat' auteur Mann has one-upped himself this time. -- Tom DiChiara

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Ice Age 3'Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs'

They're baaack! Prehistoric creatures Manny and Ellie the mammoths, Diego the sabretooth tiger, Sid the ... well, we're really not sure what Sid is, and your kids' favorite silent screen star, Scratte, return to the multiplex for the third installment of the massively successful franchise. This time Scratte meets a Scrattina, and, appropriately, the whole shebang is presented in 3-D. So much excitement! What are you waiting for? Your children are already in the car, ready to go. -- Angie Argabrite

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