y the last man movie scriptLast week, we heard some rumblings about the possible film adaptation of Brian K. Vaughan's brilliant comic, Y: The Last Man. The news mostly centered on whether or not Shia LaBeouf would star as Yorick, the film's main – and only – man. LaBeouf told Collider that he and director D.J. Caruso are in no hurry to make the film and that the script is "not ready to be shot." LaBeouf did assure fans that he still wants to make the movie, and that creator Vaughan would probably wait until he and Caruso are free to move ahead with the project. So when can we expect to see Y hit the big screen? Caruso is currently working on Jack and the Giant Killer, and it looks like LeBeouf will be busy acting in other films through 2010. If all goes to plan, I figure the first publicity shots for the film should hit the Web around summer 2011. If we're lucky.

I'm really looking forward to this flick. Y is an amazing comic full of rich characters, great humor and action. Plus it has a pretty clever sci-fi concept: What if every male mammal on Earth, except for one man and his monkey, died on the same day? The Web site Bleeding Cool claims to have gotten a hold of Vaughan's early script for the film. They say it's a very early draft that has likely already gone through a number of changes, but their script review might still be worth a read.

If this is really Vaughan's early script, then it can probably give us a good idea of how the film will eventually turn out. According to BC, Vaughn first imagined the Y movie as a very stripped-down version of the comic that focuses on Yorick's journey across the new world. A lot of the smaller characters and scenes from the book are cut out, but the script still has the same tone and ideas present in the book. BC says the script is "shorter, concentrated, and more punchy" than the book, and that's OK by them. The script apparently reads a bit like a mystery. The BC boys say that it helped Vaughan land a gig writing for Lost.

Vaughan is reportedly working on a new Y script with Caruso and Disturbia co-writer Carl Ellsworth. 2011 can't come soon enough.
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