By: Jessica Barnes

It was just last week that anime fans the world over breathed a sigh of relief that Leonardo DiCaprio's live-action Akira was no more. But, that doesn't mean Hollywood has lost its taste for anime, and there are still plenty of other reboots headed our way. So while most of them have stayed in development limbo, two of the more popular titles: Cowboy Bebop and Robotech have started to make new ground, and some of the people involved are starting to talk.

Cowboy Bebop:
When the live action film of the beloved anime was first announced, fans were not thrilled with the idea. Plus, it probably didn't help that Keanu Reeves was taking the role of Spike. But, maybe we shouldn't count out the film yet, because when it comes to the film's screenwriter, there is good news and some bad news. But, let's start with the good news. In an interview with Anime Vice, Craig was asked about whether or not he was familiar with the series, and to his credit, Craig went into full fan-boy mode, telling them about some of his favorite episodes and that both he and Reeves have been meeting with Sunrise studio (the creator of the anime) to make sure that the original 'feel' of the show remains intact. According to Craig, "they [Sunrise] were very specific about their vision for the series, and how it might convert to a live-action film." -- sounds promising, right? Well, the bad news is that Craig has zero experience with sci-fi, and made his name writing about con-men and dysfunctional families. But, I'm going to remain hopeful that with Sunrise watching over the flick, there might be a chance we get something a little better than expected.

After the jump: a new writer for Robotech...
When it comes to giant interplanetary robots, Transformers seem to be winning the movie franchise game. But that hasn't stopped Warner Bros. from developing their own robot franchise with a live-action Robotech. The project has been in development for two years now, and has gone through several writers (including a heavy hitter) -- proving once again that anime isn't an easy transition to big-budget popcorn flicks. Usually this kind of revolving door means that it isn't long before the project falls apart, but Robotech has been hanging on, and now there is a new screenwriter on the scene. Over at, they have reported that Tom Rob Smith has been hired to draft yet another version of the script for WB. Smith is another unlikely choice for an anime film, since he made his name with a novel about a series of child murders in 1950's Russia. But, according to Mania's sources, even though Smith doesn't have much experience, "He had a very clear vision for the material that seemed to fit the collective group's vision for the property."

So what do you think? Will these writers be able to breath new life into these remakes, or do you need the 'eye' of a fan to do these movies right? Sound off below...